Fritz 18

Fritz 18

Evolving Genius
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Evolving Genius – The new path to playing brilliancies

• Evolving Genius: Fritz shows you what you are capable of being: an attacking player who can conjure up magnificent brilliancies over the board! The new playing mode leads you via a clever choice of variations to brilliant sacrificial combinations.

• Intelligent tips: Fritz provides subtle hints which do not give away too much but which make it possible for you to be in control of difficult positions.

• Visual evaluation: Much better than just a single number! Piece placement, pawn structure, king safety, activity and sharpness of the position displayed graphically in the engine window.

• New chess board in Direct2D technology with a fresh look and improved animation

• New engine analysis: Interesting threats, appealing ideas and the game continuation are automatically analysed at the same time in multi-variation mode.

• Animated engine variations: Intuitive display of the best continuation on the board

• Improved calculation training to give your Elo a quick boost.

• Stronger Fritz 18 engine by Frank Schneider, optimised for short time controls.

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November 3, 2021
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80 gram

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