Ignaz Kolisch: The Life and Chess Career

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An enthusiastic verve—“brio” some could say—marked both Ignaz Kolisch’s personality and his games.

This book documents the life of the Hungarian chess champion (1837–1889) and successful financier, setting it in the cosmopolitan framework of mid–19th century Europe.

The text is enriched by about 125 or so gleanings about the lives of his competitors (including Arnous de Rivière, Anderssen, Morphy, Mackenzie, Paulsen, Falkbeer, Rosenthal, Steinitz, Winawer).

More than 300 specimens of his play are presented—by far the largest collection ever—complete with sources and coeval annotations, translated from many languages.

Several widespread and long-standing errors are corrected.

A work deeply researched among sources in many languages, the book serves also as a record of European chess in the late 1850s through the 1880s.

Fabrizio Zavatarelli is a teacher of applied mathematics and the author of several articles concerning chess history. He lives in Milan, Italy.  

Edward Winter, Chess Notes:
"One of the most accurate chess books that McFarland & Company, Inc. has ever published."

Huffington Post:
"Creates vivid pictures of the chess scene in the second half of the 19th century ... remarkable... amazing."

Elburg Chess Reviews:

Chess Life Magazine:
"First-rate work...the tale of Kolisch’s rise to fame and fortune is dramatically told."

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Edition : Hardcover
Publication date : January 1, 2015
Number of pages : 362
Publisher : McFarland
Weight : 1160 gram
ISBN : 9780786496907