Creative Chess: Expanded 1997 Edition

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Most chess books aim to guide and instruct by offering principles, rules, schemes and theories. "Creative Chess", on the other hand, has a quite different and original approach. It firmly maintains that every chessplayer, whether amateur or master, is capable of creating something new in chess.

After a discussion of the characteristics and processes of creativity, 10 central concepts, such as unusual positioning and functioning of pieces, alertness to subtle differences, absurd moves, flexibility, etc., are presented with a wealth of truly amazing examples to encourage the reader to broaden the horizons of his chess thinking.

With further chapters on techniques for developing creativity, analysis of particularly creative games and test-yourself positions, the author, an Israeli chessmaster, prominent study composer and organisational psychologist argues that you too can play creative chess.

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Edition : Paperback
Publication date : March 20, 2008
Number of pages : 158
Publisher : Everyman
Weight : 234 gram
ISBN : 9781857441499