Killer Dragon, Part 1

Killer Dragon, Part 1

The Yugoslav Attack e.o. Variations
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The Dragon variation is considered to be one of the sharpest openings in chess. Made popular due to its aggressive nature, it is little wonder that the Dragon has attracted the likes of world number one Magnus Carlsen as one of its enthusiasts.

The first DVD in this two-part series focuses mainly on the sharpest lines of the Dragon Variation, namely the Yugoslav Attack. However, alternative lines are also given for those players wishing to shy away from the reams of theory associated with this opening.

The second DVD in this two-part series focuses on the Dragadorf variation whereby never seen before ideas are presented. The classical lines of the Dragon are also explored.

Follow Ginger GM supremo, Grandmaster Simon Williams, as he systematically explains the ideas behind this electrifying opening. Warning: DVD not suitable for the fainthearted!

Killer Dragon – DVD 1
Part 1: Quieter Systems
1: Introduction
2: Move Order
3: 6 Bc4: Introduction
4: 6 Bc4: 1st Model Game: L.McShane vs S.Hansen, 1999.
5: 6 Bc4: 2nd Model Game: L.McShane vs S.Tiviakov, 2004.
6: 6 Bc4: Theory
7: The Classical Dragon: Introduction and Move Order.
8: The Classical Dragon: 1st Model Game: P.Svidler vs M.Carlsen, 2010.
9: The Classical Dragon: 2nd Model Game: A.Morozevich vs V.Ivanchuk, 2008.
10: The Classical Dragon: Theory A: Be2 and Be3
11: The Classical Dragon: Theory B: Be2 with a later Nb3 and Bg5: The Karpov System
12: An Early g3: Introduction
13: An Early g3: 1st Model Game: M.Adams vs V.Kramnik, 1998.
14: An Early g3: 2nd Model Game: S.Kudrin vs S.Rachels, 1989.
15: An Early g3: Theory A: White allows Black to capture the knight on d4.
16: An Early g3: Theory B: White removes the knight from the centre: Nde2
17: The Levenfish Attack: 5 f4: Introduction
18: The Levenfish Attack: 5 f4: 1st Model Game: U.Andersson vs R.Garcia, 1972.
19: The Levenfish Attack: 5 f4: Theory
20: Any other possibilities: Introduction
21: 1st Bonus Dragon Game: 5 Nd5!? – The Smith Gambit! A.Smith vs S.Tiviakov, 2001.
22: 2nd Bonus Dragon Game: Be2 instead of f3: A.Shirov vs V.Topalov, 1996.
23: 3rd Bonus Dragon Game: White plays an early g4!?

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