Learning from the Mistakes of Others

A learning book for players under ELO 2000.
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The purpose of this book is to help learners build confidence in their abilities by specific and well-chosen teaching content and numerous corresponding exercises.
Since players of the author's 'target group' (still clearly on the lower side of the magic sound barrier of Elo 2000) do not (or not yet!) think like chess masters, they will quickly realize that master games look very different from their own. Furthermore, they will find many incomprehensible moves that raise questions, to which they can find no answer without help.
In order to avoid this overburdening, almost all games in this book have been played by representatives of the target group. Accordingly, readers will feel 'at home', so to speak, because they are familiar with how players of that skill level react in certain critical positions, and how the advantage often shifts from one side to the other due to typical mistakes. And learning from the mistakes of others is more pleasant in the sense that it is painless!
All three parts of the game are thoroughly discussed, in the order suggested by Capablanca: first the endgame, then the middle game, and only at the very end – the opening.

More Information
Edition : Paperback
Publication date : June 1, 2019
Number of pages : 160
Publisher : Joachim Beyer Verlag e.K.
Weight : 312 gram
ISBN : 9783959209823