Magnus Carlsen's Norwegian Rat

Magnus Carlsen's Norwegian Rat

A tricky & fun ambush weapon for Black against 1.e4
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Looking for a fun & tricky ambush weapon for Black against 1.e4?

The Norwegian Rat is the popular name for the opening that arises after 1.e4 g6 2.d4 Nf6!?, a line that has been known for decades but never saw any real popularity until Magnus Carlsen started using it in various blitz events. Also Ian Nepomniachtchi, Richard Rapport, and other strong players used it with powerful effect to drag White players out of their comfort zones into Black's domain.

The opening has the advantage of being largely unexplored and therefore this book constitutes the first work dedicated to this fun and tricky variation. Cyrus Lakdawala and Carsten Hansen are pulling games from many resources, including their own experiments with the opening to illustrate how it is possible to beat titled players right out of the opening by shocking White's system and beliefs.

In this work, you will find forty-one thoroughly analyzed main games with lots of explanations and additional analysis as well as a 'Quick Repertoire' that will allow you to play the opening in your games after a minimal amount of study time.

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May 3, 2022
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