New York 1940: United States Chess Championship

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A first-rate tournament book for a strong US Championship in which Reshevsky just edged out Fine by 1/2 point. Kashdan was 3rd followed by Pinkus, Simonson, Denker, Kupchik, Bernstein, Polland, Reinfeld, Shainswit, Adams, Seidman, Green, Hanauer, Woliston, and Littman.

Notes to most of the games from contemporary sources and Fritz 7 checks on many of the critical positions. Good photos along with some games from the qualifying sections, brief biographies of the players plus some of their games from other events.

Part of the Great Tournaments series

More Information
Edition : Hardcover
Publication date : March 15, 2004
Number of pages : 209
Publisher : Caissa Editions
Weight : 484 gram
ISBN : 9780939433605