Pawn Dynamics

Laszlo and Oliver Mihok present over 1100 puzzles.
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In this book Laszlo and Oliver Mihok deal with one of the areas of dynamic chess:
active, attacking pawn moves, breaks, torpedo-destroyers, attacking the king, creating passed pawn, pawn sacrifices, in-between moves, in one word: pawn dynamics.

They have analyzed the aims of the moves, different motifs and techniques, selected over 1100 positions from tournament games and classified them according to dominant motifs. In many cases one pattern can also be used in other places. The solutions do not always require pawn moves, it is possible, that they start with an important piece sacrifice.

The puzzles are classified into 32 chapters with three levels in ascending order, so players, from beginners to masters, who want to develop their skills or just to have fun, could find combinations according to their playing strength. With solving the puzzles, the chess players learn this fascinating modern style that they can build in their play, make close friends with the pawns thus developing their combinational and counting skills, and last but not least, simply enjoy these wonderful masterpieces!

More Information
Edition : Paperback
Publication date : June 26, 2019
Number of pages : 248
Publisher : Possum Kft
Weight : 416 gram
ISBN : 9789638913555