Rapid Chess Improvement: A Study Plan for Adult Players

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This book describes the exact training method that a weak adult player used to become s strong club player.

The Rapid Chess Improvement Study Plan came about thanks to a re-evaluation of standard chess teaching and includes several unique components aimed at improving deficiencies in the play of adult players.

This book is the only one of its kind for the simple reason that it has been written by an author who hugely improved his own rating over a twelve month period by following his own advice.

Michael de la Maza therefore fully understands the challenges faced by enthusiastic players who are relatively new to the game. This is in sharp contrast to most books aimed at this level which are usually written by very strong players who have long forgotten what it feels like to be starting out in the game.

This program has three steps:
1. Improve your chess vision
2. Increase your tactical ability
3. Learn how to think over the board

There are many tactical excercises taken from real games between club players. And there are dozens of stories from players who followed this program and saw remarkable improvements in their chess playing skills.

By following his own advice Michael de la Maza gained 400 rating points in the first 12 months of play, and another 300 points in the second year.
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Publication date : March 20, 2008
Number of pages : 126
Publisher : Everyman
Weight : 216 gram
ISBN : 9781857442694