The ChessCafe Puzzle Book 3: Test and Improve your Defensive Skill

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One of the most important skills a chessplayer needs is the ability to defend a position that is under siege.

In this third volume in the highly acclaimed, best-selling ChessCafe Puzzle Book series, International Grandmaster Karsten Mueller, along with International Master Merijn van Delft, examines and expounds upon the vital defensive concepts and techniques used to repulse enemy attacks.

Major topics include:
(1) Principles and methods of defending
(2) Defending against a direct attack on the king
(3) Countering the initiative
(4) Saving the draw
(5) Passive versus active defense
(6) Use and development of counterplay.

Many of the world's greatest players - Steinitz, Lasker, Petrosian - were famous for their legendary defensive skills.

Now International Grandmaster Karsten Mueller along with International Master Merijn van Delft will show you how you can Test and Improve Your Defensive Skill.

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Choose your edition : Paperback
Publication date : June 24, 2010
Number of pages : 216
Publisher : Russell Enterprises
Weight : 290 gram
ISBN : 9781888690668