The Exchange Queen's Gambit: For Black

A perfect guide for the Exchange Queen's Gambit.
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The Queen's Gambit is one of the oldest and most reliable openings.

It is mainly based on positional and structural understanding. IM Tibor Károlyi gives a perfect guide about it and if somebody masters it, he will be able to use it in his entire chess career. This opening will never run out of fashion, its strategical and positional ideas will not be refuted by the strong computers.

International Master Tibor Károlyi was Hungarian Champion in 1984 and is renowned as an author and trainer. He won the Guardian Book of the Year Prize in 2007 and coached Peter Leko until he became a world class grandmaster.

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Publication date : July 6, 2018
Number of pages : 280
Publisher : Chess Evolutionv Kft.
Weight : 528 gram
ISBN : 9786155793066