The Greatest Ever Chess Opening Ideas: What are the Greatest Opening Ideas in Chess History?

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What are the greatest opening ideas in chess history? This is a fascinating question that would undoubtedly spark endless debate and discussion amongst all the experts and enthusiasts of the game.

From the invention and development of openings which are now considered to be mainline, to the wealth of stunning one-move novelties which have convincingly overturned previous expert assessments, there is certainly a plethora of brilliant ideas to choose from - everyone will have their own opinion on this subject!

In this book, Christoph Scheerer looks back though chess history and at modern times in order to create his own list of favourites. Selecting from hundreds of candidates, Scheerer examines factors such as creativity, shock value, effectiveness and endurance in order to decide which ideas are most worthy of inclusion.

Read this book and discover the stories behind the most powerful opening ideas of all time, and how you can utilize and learn from these ideas to improve your chess.

• An entertaining guide to the best ever tricks and traps
• Invaluable advice from a seasoned tournament player
• Ideal for players of all levels
Christoph Scheerer (previously Wisnewski) is an International Master from Germany. He has a string of tournament successes to his name, including winning the 2001 Kiel Open, and has been a regular competitor in the exceptionally strong German Bundesliga.

He's also an experienced coach, having taught at the Internet Chess Club, the World's largest online chess facility, for six years. This is his second book for Everyman Chess; his first was Play 1...Nc6!

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"A refreshing book on the most famous opening novelties from an author who takes his work seriously. Detailed analysis as well as a relaxed style add up to an entertaining book; along the way it encourages you to be more creative in the opening.

Sean Marsh, marshtowers.blogspot:
This book walks the line between presenting pure theory and a prose history of chess openings ('Theostorical' as the author has it). However, it keeps its balance very well and makes for a most interesting read, ideal for browsing, delightful for dipping into.

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Edition : Paperback
Publication date : June 5, 2008
Number of pages : 368
Publisher : Everyman
Weight : 522 gram
ISBN : 9781857445619