The Joys of Chess: Heroes, Battles & Brilliancies

Christian Hesse
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SHORTLISTED: The English Chess Federation Book of the Year 2011 Award!

The Joys of Chess
is an unforgettable intellectual expedition to the remotest corners of the Royal Game. En route, intriguing thought experiments, strange insights and hilarious jokes will offer vistas you have never seen before.

The beauty, the struggle, the culture, the fun, the art and the heroism of chess – you will find them all in this sparkling book that will give you many hours of intense joy.

Christian Hesse is a Harvard-trained professor of Mathematics who has taught at the University of California, Berkeley (USA), and since 1991 at the University of Stuttgart. He has written a textbook called 'Angewandte Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie'.

Chess and literature are his main hobbies, and he also likes fitness and boxing. His heroes are the ones who fall to the bottom and rise again, fall and rise again…

World Champion Vishy Anand:
"Fantastic moves, beautiful combinations, historical blunders, captivating stories, and all this embedded into a plentitude of quick-witted ideas and contemplations as food for thought."

The Judges of the English Chess Federation Book of the Year 2011 Award:
"Nearly a hundred short essays, introduced by quotations from many sources cover almost every aspect of the game (..) All in all, a wonderful cornucopia."

Der Standard, Vienna:
"One of the most ingenious and enjoyable books ever written on chess."

Andy Soltis, New York Post:
"A bargain and a treat."

Gary Lane, Chess Moves Magazine:
"For sheer entertainment value the 'Joys of Chess' deserves a gold medal."

Peter Heine Nielsen, Skakbladet:
"It is well written, but it is the thorough research that makes it an absolute toplevel book."

Brian Almeida, ChessCafe:
"Intelligently written and a pleasure to read (..) It is accessible for everyone, from those with a passing interest in the game to the most passionate of chess aficionados."

British Chess Magazine:
"Rich pickings. At 29.90 euros this is quite a bargain (..) A good prize for any club competition or school library."

Joe Petrolito, Australasian Chess Magazine:
"This is a book to dip in at random and enjoy. It's hard to convey the amazing range of topics covered (..) It will be a very strong contender for a book of the year award."

Hans Ree, New In Chess magazine:
"This is a big book, with an abundance of beauty and laughter, and it really conveys the joys of chess both to experts and novices."

Vladimir Kramnik, 14th World Chess Champion:
“A wealth of magnificent examples.”

Hans Böhm, De Telegraaf:
"What a book! A jewel to own as well as to give as a present."

Paul Motwani, The Scotsman:

Marshtower Chess Reviews:
"Delights await the reader on every page and I don't just mean in terms of positions presented for our enjoyment; there is an abundance of fine prose here, too (..) It is clearly one of the best books of 2011."

Steve Giddins, author of '50 Ways to Win at Chess':
"Does what it says on the tin. Do not hesitate to buy a copy and keep it by your bedsite on cold winter nights."

IM John Donaldson:
"Will provide countless hours of entertainment (..) can be enjoyed by players of all strengths."

Pete Tamburro, Chess Life Magazine:
"It is a wonderful selection. There is something for everyone."

Johan Hut, G

More Information
Edition : Paperback
Publication date : May 6, 2011
Biography authors : ooi- en Eemlander:
"A grab bag full of brilliant moves, blunders, coincidences, curiosities, magic, cheating, psychology, genius and heroism."

Europa Rochade Magazine:
“A fascinating collection of ideas, positions and curiosities.”

Arne Moll, ChessVibes:
"A roller-coaster ride through the rich history of chess and chess literature in all its appearences (..) beautifully published in a format where short chapters and brief fragments with diagrams are in perfect harmony to divert and tickle any reader's mind."

Number of pages : 432
Publisher : New in Chess
Weight : 794 gram