The Modern French: A Complete Guide for Black

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This book will change your view of one of the most popular chess openings of all time. The Modern French presents the ambitious black player with an innovative and reliable repertoire, based on sound strategy with a sharp sting.

In their long practice as chess professionals Grandmaster Dejan Antic and International Master Branimir Maksimovic have developed many unconventional ideas in the French. Now they have teamed up to present their findings in a complete and up-to-date guide for players of all levels.

The authors explain strategic concepts and attacking plans, present new concepts and reveal numerous novelties in topical main lines. They also turn various sidelines into deadly surprise weapons.

The Modern French will give you a better understanding of the subtleties of this ever popular opening, while showing you how it can be used as a fighting weapon for Black.

Dejan Antic is a grandmaster who was born in Serbia. He now lives and works as a trainer in Kavala, Greece. He has won many tournaments in his career, and has written a range of opening articles in Chess Informant and the New In Chess Yearbooks.

International Master Branimir Maksimovic was also born in Serbia. He has worked as a chess coach for 30 years. Maksimovic has played the French Defence all his life and has gained a reputation as an expert in the opening.

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GM David Smerdon, ChessVibes:
"Despite my years of experience playing the French with both sides, I found myself learning an incredible amount, particularly regarding the ideas behind many of the common lines that I often employ, but, it turns out, only superficially understand (..) This book compares very favourably to its high quality competitors."

Steve Giddins, author of '50 Ways to Win at Chess':
"I was very impressed by the content, which is detailed, up to date, and has the right blend of variations and verbal explanation."

GM Jacob Aagaard, author of 'Attacking Manual':
"A very interesting book that deservedly has received rave reviews."

GM Glenn Flear:
"Certain sections do offer lighter notes with quite extensive verbal explanations. A nice bonus occurs when the authors really want to emphasize a factor, whereupon they label a small section as 'important', just to make sure that the point has been taken (..) I found their suggestions to be coherent and important (..) An excellent piece of work."

Joe Petrolito, Australasian Chess Magazine:
"Each chapter includes an introduction and a conclusion to orientate and motivate the reader. The annotations are excellent and provide great insight into the ideas behind the moves (..) An excellent overview (..) Highly recommended."

Uwe Bekemann, German Correspondence Chess Federation:
"As far as explanation and guidance of the readers is concerned, I don't think that any author could improve the work of these two (..) The authors are indeed proposing quite a few novelties, also in main lines."

Marshtower Chess Reviews:
"Coverage of the variations is excellent. The authors clearly have a feel for the French and their collective 1 .. e6 style packs a lot of punch, displaying Black's desire to seize the initiative wherever possible."

 Elburg's Chess Books Reviews:
"The authors are not afraid to throw their French secrets in street (..) A super repertoire book!"

Max Euwe Center, Amsterdam:
"The authors give lots of explanations which makes this book suitable for a large number of club player

Bab Wilders, Nederlands Dagblad:
"An excellent book for study which covers a number of variations quite deeply."

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Edition : Paperback
Publication date : January 1, 2012
Number of pages : 368
Publisher : New in Chess
Weight : 694 gram
ISBN : 9789056913991