The Sicilian: Thematic Sacrifices and Attacks

Learn the typical sacrifices in the Sicilian.
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Studying the openings is a fine thing when done properly. However it is first essential to understand the essence of the corresponding middle game positions and where they lead. Each opening has its own specific features and strategies that need to be explored ...

In the variations on the Sicilian Defence White often counts on material sacrifices for getting a short or long term initiative, that has a fair chance to lead to a decisive attack. These typical sacrifices are the main topic of this work.

Jean Hebert is an International Master and Postal Grandmaster from Quebec. He has twice been Canadian Champion (1978 and 2009) and a seven time member of the Canadian Olympic team. At the Lucerne Olympiad in 1982 he was bronze medalist for best overall result on the third board.

For many years now, while remaining an active competitor, he has been mostly involved in coaching, teaching and writing on Chess. Since 2016, he gives Masterclasses (in French for now) on, covering various chess topics for all levels of players.

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Edition : Paperback
Publication date : July 25, 2017
Number of pages : 87
Publisher : Le Pion Passe
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ISBN : 9791095350064