The Taimanov Bible: A Complete Manual for the Sicilian Player

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The Sicilian Taimanov is one of the greatest dynamic opening choices for Black. The resulting positions are rich in dynamic, positional and strategic play.

The authors have delivered a user-friendly work for players of all levels. Nowadays, chess players are overwhelmed with piles of information and endless databases. It is very difficult to choose "your own variations" and therefore this book will surely come as a great additional help.

In addition to the basic Taimanov ideas, the authors followed in an original manner two main concepts:
1. ‘almost never play an early …d6’ (Scheveningen style)
2. ‘push …h5 whenever you can’ (Paulsen style).

At the end of the book they carefully selected some practical exercises, enabling you to even improve your knowledge of this up-to-date Taimanov Bible.

More Information
Edition : Paperback
Publication date : January 1, 2016
Number of pages : 450
Publisher : Thinkers Publishing
Weight : 660 gram
ISBN : 9789082256673