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Chess Duels, 1921-1924

127 games annotated by Alexander Alekhine


Fritz Powerbook 2021

The Current Openings Theory with 1,7 Million Games


New In Chess 2021/1

The Club Player's Magazine


Chess Informant 146

Once Upon a Time


Chess Magazine January 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Schlaues Schwindeln beim Schach

Wie man in verlorenen Stellungen Punkte rettet


Beat the French Defense with 3. Nc3

A Complete Repertoire for White


How to Play Equal Positions

Make the next step in your chess development.


ChessBase Magazine 199

The Magazine for Professional Chess


Desert Island Chess Puzzle Omnibus

400 Challinging Puzzles to Instruct and Entertain


Opening Repertoire: The Grünfeld Defence

Nigel Davies guides you through the Grünfeld Defence.


Steinitz in London

A Chess Biography with 623 Games


Tal, Petrosian, Spassky and Korchnoi

A Chess Multibiography with 207 Games


Bobby Fischer and His World

The Man, the Player, the Riddle and the Colorful Characters Who Surrounded Him


The Modern Spanish

Breyer and Zaitsev Systems


Marvelous Modern Miniatures

2020 Games in 20 Moves or Less


Carlsen's Neo-Møller

A Complete and Surprising Repertoire against the Ruy Lopez


Magnus Carlsen: 60 Memorable Games

The long awaited follow up on one of the most important chess books ever written, Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games.


New In Chess 2020/8

The Club Player's Magazine


Meester in het schaken, Grootmeester in het uitgeven

Biografie over de Oprichter van het Beste Schaakmagazine ter Wereld


Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 5

Chigorin Defence, Queen's Gambit Declined, Tarrasch Defence, Semi-Tarrasch Defence


Winning with 1. e4!

A complete repertoire for e4 players against all plausible responses.


Zlotnik's Middlegame Manual

Typical Structures and Strategic Manoeuvres


The Modern French Volume 2

Advance and Winawer


The Modern French Volume 1

Tarrasch and Various Lines


The Exhilarating Elephant Gambit

This book offers a dynamic repertoire for Black after 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d5!?, with groundbreaking analysis of this bold and under-rated gambit.


Sicilian Warfare

This book offers a fantastic guide to Sicilian middlegames, featuring Smirin’s best games on both sides of this popular opening.


ChessBase 16 - Mega Package

With Lots of New Features