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The Modern Spanish

Breyer and Zaitsev Systems


Marvelous Modern Miniatures

2020 Games in 20 Moves or Less


The 2021 International Chess Calendar

The Unique 2021 International Chess Calendar.


Mikhail Botvinnik: Sixth World Chess Champion

The World Chess Champion Series


Fight 1.d4 with the Tarrasch

A Complete Black Repertoire vs. 1.d4


The Knight

The Cunning Cavalry


Chess Tests

Reinforce Key Skills and Knowledge


The Club Player's Modern Guide to Gambits

Fighting Chess from the Get-go


ChessBase Complete - 2019 Supplement

Covering ChessBase 13, 14 & 15


Attack and Counterattack in Chess

Another Reinfeld Classic Now in Algebraic Notation!


Emanuel Lasker: A Reader

A Zeal to Understand


The Bishop: Danger on the Diagonal

The Power of the Pieces Series


Understanding Minor Piece Endgames

A Manual for Club Players


Man vs. Machine

Challenging Human Supremacy at Chess


The Magic of Chess Tactics 2

Intuition, Imagination & Precision


The Scotch Gambit

An Energetic and Aggressive Opening System for White


Chess Lessons

Solving Problems & Avoiding Mistakes


The Modern Chess Instructor

21st Century Edition


The Chameleon Variation

Confronting the Sicilian on Your Own Terms


Music and Chess

Apollo meets Caissa


Max Euwe

Fifth World Chess Champion


The Tactician's Handbook

Revised & Expanded by Karsten Müller


Chess Mazes 2

Train Your Visualization Skills!