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The Livonian Knight

Selected Games of Alvis Vitolins


1500 Forced Mates

1500 Positions rife with tactical resources.


Magnus Wins With Black

30 of Magnus Carlsen’s Most Instructive Games


Petrosian Year by Year: Volume I (1942-1962)

The first volume on the life and games of Tigran Petrosian.


Magnus Wins With White

32 of Magnus Carlsen’s Most Instructive Games


The Creative Power of Bogoljubov Volume I

Pawn Play, Sacrifices, Restriction and More (2020)


Evgeny Vasiukov

Chess Champion of Moscow


101 Endgame Crimes and Punishments

Endgame crimes for strong tournament players.


111 Middlegame Crimes and Punishments

Middlegame crimes for strong tournament players.


Sergey Karjakin

Best Games of the Minister of Defence


The Complete Bogo-Indian Defense

114 deeply annotated games.


Grandmaster Ivan Bukavshin

A Chess Prodigy’s Career in 64 Games


Yakov Vilner

First Ukrainian Chess Champion and First USSR Chess Composition Champion



The Love Story of Mikhail Tal and Sally Landau


Strategic Plans: 75 Modern Battles

This book contains 75 deeply annotated positional games that show players how to devise plans.


The Chelyabinsk Meteorite

Selected Games of Igor Kurnosov


Oleg Pervakov's Industrial Strength Endgame Studies

A World Champion's Favorite Composers


The Queen's Indian Defense

Main Line 4.g3 System


Smyslov on the Couch

Genna Sosonko paints a picture of the seventh world champion Vasily Smyslov.



Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi


The Rise and Fall of David Bronstein

A truly unique book about the life and destiny of the great chess player David Bronstein.


Alekhine's Odessa Secrets

Chess, War and Revolution


Team Tal

An Inside Story