White Shockers: The Busy Man's Chess Openings, Volume 3

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IM Andrew Martin introduces you to seven white surprises:

  • The Ruy Lopez Exchange 
  • Closed Sicilian Defense Extended
  • 1.a3; Don't laugh-see the wins
  • Caro-Kann a la N. Short
  • Scandinavian "new"
  • Old Speckled Hen (after a beer)
  • Polar Bear (Reversed Leningrad Dutch)

    Stop and start these DVDs, visualize them 2-3 times, get the "playbook", and have "them" stumbling right from the opening - cringing and sniveling!

    A choice selection of games and explanations that will deliver five hours of pain to your door to be injected into your opponent's play.

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    Edition : DVD
    Publication date : May 11, 2010
    Number of pages : 0
    Publisher : Thinkers' Press
    Weight : 80 gram