Yearbook 51 hardcover

Yearbook 51 hardcover

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NIC Surveys:

  • Sicilian: Moscow Variation 3...Bd7 4.Bd7 Qd7 by Van der Weide
  • Sicilian: Najdorf Variation 6.Be3 e5 & 9.g4 by Adams, Rogers
  • Sicilian: Najdorf Variation 6.Be3 e5 & 8.f3 h5 by Gelfand
  • Sicilian: The Perenyi Gambit 7.g4 by Polgar, Pliester
  • Sicilian: Scheveningen Variation 12.a5!? by Bosch
  • Sicilian: Scheveningen Variation 15.Rad1 by Gallagher
  • Sicilian: Sozin Variation 6.Bc4 Qb6 7.Be3 by Olthof
  • Sicilian: Sozin Variation 7...Nc6 by Leitao, Bosch
  • Sicilian: Closed Variation 5.Nge2 by Van der Weide, Appleberry
  • Pirc: Austrian Attack 5.e5 by Marin
  • French: Winawer Variation 7.Qg4 <->0-0 8.Bd3 Qa5 by Rustemov
  • French: Tarrasch Variation 3...Be7 by Morozevich
  • Caro-Kann: An Early Divergence 2.c4 e5 by Belikov
  • Caro-Kann: Advance Variation 4.Nc3 by Anand, Bosch
  • Caro-Kann: Capablanca Variation 7...Nf6 by Illescas
  • Petroff: The topical 7...Bd6 by Van der Sterren
  • Petroff: A natural line: 8.c4 by Morozevich, Van der Sterren
  • Ruy Lopez: Main Line with 9...a5 by L.B. Hansen
  • Ruy Lopez: Keres Variation 11...Nd7 by Anand, Lukacs, Hazai
  • Slav: Meran Variation 9...b4 by Pelletier
  • Queen's Gambit: Classical 7.Bb3 by Kramnik, Dokhoian
  • Grnfeld Indian: Kortchnoi's Latest Toy: 5.Bd2 by Langeweg
  • Grnfeld Indian: Sevilla Variation 12.Bf7 by Kuijf
  • Grnfeld Indian: Russian System with 7.Bf4 by Flear
  • Grnfeld Indian: Prins Variation 7...Na6 by Timman, Sosonko
  • King's Indian: Kozul's Pawn Sacrifice 14.c5 by Piket
  • King's Indian: Fianchetto Variation 7...Qb6 by J. Horvath
  • Benoni/King's Indian: Four Pawns Attack 9...Re8 by Van der Tak
  • Volga Gambit: Dreev's favourite 5.b6 by Dreev
  • Dutch: Leningrad Variation 8...Ne5 by Nogueiras, Sieiro Gonzalez
  • English: Symmetrical Variation 5.Nf3 e6 6.d4 by Nogueiras, Sieiro Gonzalez
  • English: Symmetrical Variation 3.Nf3 g6 4.e3 by Van der Sterren
  • English: An Early Queen Check 5....Qa5 by Shulman, Kapengut

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August 14, 1999
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