Yearbook 52: The Master's Choice

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NIC Surveys:

  • Sicilian: Najdorf Variation 6.Rg1 by Bosch
  • Sicilian: Najdorf Variation 6.Be3 Ng4 by Shirov, Ponomariov, Tiviakov
  • Sicilian: Dragon Variation 12.Kb1 by Vokac
  • Sicilian: Scheveningen Variation 7.g4 h6 by Shirov, Timman, Tiviakov
  • Sicilian: Sveshnikov Variation 9.Nd5 by Krasenkow
  • Sicilian: Sveshnikov Variation 9.Bf6 by Bosch
  • Sicilian: Closed Variation 7.Nh3 by Welling
  • King's Fianchetto: The Pterodactyl 3...c5 4.dc5 Qa5 by Van der Weide
  • French: Advance Variation 6...Nh6 by Bosch
  • French: Classical Variation 6.Be7 Qe7 7.f4 by Gufeld, Stetsko
  • Caro-Kann: Panov Variation 5...Nc6 6.Bg5 by Stohl
  • Petroff: Anand's Butterfly Novelty 12.g4 by Rogers
  • Ruy Lopez: Classical Variation Part I 6...Bb6 by Lukacs, Hazai
  • Ruy Lopez: Classical Variation Part II 7.Bg5 by Svidler, Lukacs, Hazai
  • Ruy Lopez: Berlin Defence 9.Nc3 by Adams, Jonkman
  • Ruy Lopez: Marshall Attack 12.d4 & 15.Re4 by Leko
  • Italian: Giuoco Piano 10...Nh5 by Marin
  • 1.Nc3 Van Geet: 1...d5 is the best reply by Kuijf
  • Slav: The poisonous 6.Nh4 by Solozhenkin
  • Slav: Botvinnik Variation 13...Ne5 by Kuijf
  • Queen's Gambit: Falling back on 5...Bb4 by Dreev
  • Nimzo-Indian: Vienna Variation 7.Bc4 by Van Wely, Pelletier
  • Queen's Indian: Nimzowitsch 4...Ba6 by Anand
  • Grnfeld Indian: Fianchetto Variation 6...Nc6 by Mikhalchishin
  • Grnfeld Indian: Smyslov Variation 9.Qb3 c5 by Sosonko
  • King's Indian: Lanka's shocking 12...Re8 by Golubev
  • King's Indian: The variation with 5.Nge2 by Serper
  • Queen's Pawn: 3.Bg5 Bg7 4.Nbd2 by Langeweg
  • Queen's Pawn: 1.d4 d5 2.Bg5 by Pliester
  • Dutch: Leningrad Variation 7...c6 8.Qb3 by Kortchnoi
  • Dutch: Staunton Gambit 4.Bg5 by Meulders
  • English: Bellon Gambit 4...b5 by Bagirov
  • English: An English-Nimzo Hybrid 9.Bd2 by Bagirov 

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    Edition : Paperback
    Publication date : November 8, 1999
    Number of pages : 240
    Publisher : New in Chess
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