Yearbook 56: Inspired Innovations

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NIC Surveys:

  • Sicilian Defence: Kupreichik Variation 5...Bd7 by Bosch
  • Sicilian Defence: Dragon Variation 13...Rc4 by Rogozenko
  • Sicilian Defence: Scheveningen Variation 11...Re8 12.Bg1 by Glek
  • Sicilian Defence: Classical Variation 6.f3 e5 by Kramnik, Langeweg
  • Sicilian Defence: Rossolimo Variation 4.Bc6 dc6 by Adams, Van der Weide
  • Sicilian Defence: Taimanov Variation 8...Nd4 9.Qd4 Bc5 by Van der Sterren
  • Sicilian Defence: Taimanov Variation 10...h5 by Meulders
  • Sicilian Defence: Alapin Variation 6.Qa4 Bd7 by Vilela
  • Pirc Defence : A Hybrid System 3...Nbd7 4.f4 e5 by Beliavsky
  • French Defence: Steinitz Variation 7...a6 by Kortchnoi, Kuijf
  • French Defence: Burn Variation 7...a6 by Glek
  • French Defence: Winawer Variation 5...Ba5 6.Qg4 by Leko, Am. Rodriguez
  • French Defence: Winawer Variation 7.Qg4, 13.Qc3 by Pliester
  • French Defence: Morozevich Variation 3...Be7 by Adams, Nisipeanu, Stoica
  • Caro-Kann Defence: Panov Variation 5...g6 by Marin, Stoica
  • Scandinavian Defence: Main Line with 2...Qd5 and 6...Bf5 by Bologan
  • Two Knights Defence: Fritz/Ulvestad Variation 7...Nd5 by Lukacs, Hazai
  • Two Knights Defence: A Pawn Sacrifice 6...Bd7 by Van der Tak
  • Budapest Gambit: Alekhines System 4.e4 by Shirov, Van der Tak
  • Queens Gambit Declined: Exchange Variation 9.Nge2, 10.0-0, 11.f3 by Bagirov
  • Slav Defence: Alapin Variation 9.Qe2 Nbd7 10.e4 by Timman, Van der Sterren
  • Slav Defence: Meran Variation 6.Qc2 by Solozhenkin
  • Slav Defence: Meran Variation 9.e4 b4 by Kuijf
  • Queens Gambit Accepted: 7.Bb3 by Kramnik
  • Queens Gambit Accepted: Rubinstein/Botvinnik 7.a4 Nc6 by Bosch
  • Nimzo-Indian Defence: Rubinstein Variation 8.a3 cd4 9.ab4 by Bosch
  • Queens Indian Defence: Tiviakovs 7...Na6 by Tiviakov, Langeweg
  • Grnfeld Indian Defence: A fresh look at 4.f3 by Appleberry
  • Kings Indian Defence: Classical Variation 9.b4 c6 by Langeweg
  • Kings Indian Defence: The Tarrasch Reversed 9.h3 and others by Bosch
  • English Opening: Symmetrical Variation 10.Be3 by Afek
  • English Opening: Rubinstein Variation 10...0-0 by Piket, Bagirov
  • English Opening: Rubinstein Variation 10...f6 by Leko, Bagirov
  • English Opening: Symmetrical Var. 5...Bb4 6.Bd2 Qb6 by Timman, Van der Sterren
  • English Opening: An Anti-Grnfeld Line 5.h4 by Piket, Langeweg
  • English Opening: Krasenkows Favourite 4.g4 by Mikhalchishin

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    Publication date : September 20, 2000
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