Yearbook 74

Yearbook 74

How Topalov floored Kramnik in the Sicilian Najdorf
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NIC Forum
Readers from all over the world join in discussions of previous surveys. Both (grand)masters and club players shed their light on new opening developments and search together for the truth. With contributions by Viktor Kortchnoi, Jose Vilela, Bogdan Lalic, and many others.

Sosonko's Corner
Editor Genna Sosonko was leafing through his old notebooks when he came across a venomous novelty he had used in a blitz game against John van der Wiel back in 1987. This provided enough ammunition for an article on the piece sacrifice Nc3-d5 often seen in the English Opening and of course the Sicilian. The final example is by Donner, who once more had his facts wrong.

Book Review
The ultimate 'macho' opening repertoire consists of two openings: the Sicilian Najdorf against 1.e4 and the King's Indian against everything else. In his previous column the Najdorf came under scrutiny, so it's somehow appropriate that it's now the turn of the King's Indian to receive special attention.
Glenn Flear reviews three new KID books by English masters who he has known for longer than he'd care to say: Chris Ward, Joe Gallagher and Andrew Martin.
31 NIC Surveys Yearbook 74
Sicilian Defence: Nameless Variation 5.Bd3, by Fogarasi
Sicilian Defence: English Attack, by Stohl
Sicilian Defence: Sozin Variation, by Tukmakov
Sicilian Defence: Velimirovic Attack, by Van der Weide
Sicilian Defence: Sveshnikov Variation, by Morgado
Sicilian Defence: Sveshnikov Variation, by Scherbakov
Sicilian Defence: Taimanov Variation, by Mortensen
Sicilian Defence: Grand Prix Attack, by Scherbakov
French Defence: Winawer Variation, by Nikitin
Caro-Kann Defence: Pseudo-Panov Attack, by Vilela
Caro-Kann Defence: Fantasy Variation, by Gavrilov
Scandinavian Defence: Main Line 5...Bg4, by Tiviakov
Petroff Defence: Jaenisch Variation, by Tzermiadianos
Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Variation, by Marin
Ruy Lopez: Open Variation, by Van der Tak
Italian Opening: Game Canal Variation, by Jeroen Bosch
King's Gambit: Classical Variation, by Jensen
Slav: Krause Variation, by Karolyi
Slav: Botvinnik Variation, by Olthof
Slav: Semi-Slav Variation, by Ehlvest
Catalan: Bogo-Indian Variation, by Lalic
Nimzo-Indian Defence: Sämisch Variation, by Lukacs/Hazai
Nimzo-Indian Defence: Vienna Variation, by Scherbakov
Nimzo-Indian Defence: Vienna Variation, by Van der Stricht
Grünfeld Indian Defence: Anti-Grünfeld Variation, by Van der Tak
Grünfeld Indian Defence: Exchange Variation, by Fogarasi
King's Indian Defence: Fianchetto Variation, by Greenfeld
Benoni: The Snake, by Anka
Benoni: Classical Variation, by Lukacs/Hazai
Queen's Pawn Opening: Trompowsky Attack, by Gavrilov
Dutch Defence: Leningrad Variation, by Rogozenko

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