Yearbook 76: From 2.Qh5 to well-prepared Najdorfs

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NIC Forum
Readers from all over the world join in discussions of previous surveys. Both (grand)masters and club players shed their light on new opening developments and search together for the truth. With contributions by Boris Gelfand, Erwin l'Ami, Geert van der Stricht, Edward Dearing giving a passionate answer to Sergey Tiviakov's negative comments on his Dragon book, and many others.

Sosonko's Corner
This time, Genna Sosonko has a look at 2.Qh5 and other early queen sorties in the opening. This paradoxical way of steering clear from theory has become Hikaru Nakamura's hallmark recently. Before, the young US Champion only played this in hundreds of Internet games, albeit against the best, but now he has also started to employ it in serious tournament practice. Is this the beginning of a new trend?, Sosonko wonders. As always, Viktor Kortchnoi gives a clear answer.

Book Review
Glenn Flear muses on a new phenomenon: the Chess DVD. Despite some reservations he has to admit that Garry Kasparov (suddenly called 'Mr. Kasparov', to Flear's surprise) does win him over with his inspired presentation in the end!
An ambitious repertoire book for Black by joint authors Alburt, Dzindzichashvili, Perelshteyn and Lawrence is surprisingly comprehensive, logical and cleverly laid out. Tiger Hillarp Persson has published one more 'repertoire' book, his is a very sharp one on his pet Modern Defence. A book written with the heart, as is Edward Dearing's second baby: Challenging the Grunfeld. Reading this book, Flear immediately lost himself calculating all the topical lines...
33 NIC Surveys Yearbook 76
Sicilian Defence: Dragon Variation, by Williams
Sicilian Defence: English Attack, by Olthof
Sicilian Defence: English Attack, by Greenfeld
Sicilian Defence: Sveshnikov Variation, by Rodriguez/Olthof
Sicilian Defence: Taimanov Variation, by Fogarasi
Sicilian Defence: Alapin Variation, by Tiviakov
French Defence: Advance Variation, by Sveshnikov
French Defence: Advance Variation, by Gavrilov
Scandinavian Defence: Gubnitsky/Pytel Variation, by Tzermiadianos
Alekhine's Defence: Larsen Variation, by Scherbakov
Petroff Defence: Nimzowitsch Variation, by Skatchkov
Petroff Defence: Jaenisch Variation, by Rytshagov
Ruy Lopez: Closed Line with 9.d4, by Olthof
Ruy Lopez: Chigorin Variation, by Galkin
Ruy Lopez: Open Variation, by Flear
Ruy Lopez: Dilworth Variation, by Van der Tak
Scotch Opening: Miles Variation, by Afek
King's Pawn Opening: Elephant Gambit 2...d5, by Pliester
King's Pawn Opening: Two Knights Defence, by De Zeeuw
Various Openings: Chigorin Defence 3...e5, by Karolyi
Slav Defence: Alapin Variation, by Van der Stricht
Slav Defence: Botvinnik Variation 9.ef6, by Lukacs/Hazai
Queen's Gambit Accepted: Classical Variation, by Rogozenko
Catalan Opening: Open Variation, by Marin
Nimzo-Indian Defence: Queen-Nimzo Hybrid, by Scherbakov
Queen's Indian Defence: Nimzowitsch Variation, by Lukacs/Hazai
Grünfeld Indian Defence: Stockholm Variation, by l'Ami
King's Indian Defence: Classical Variation, by Matamoros
King's Indian Defence: Fianchetto Variation, by Langeweg
Benoni Defence: Modern Variation, by Greenfeld
Queen's Pawn Opening: Trompowsky Attack, by Anka
Dutch Defence: Classical Variation, by Karolyi
Réti Opening: King's Indian Attack, by Matamoros

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