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Zuke 'Em Expanded Edition

Includes the Zukertort-Phoenix Attack
by David Rudel

Zuke 'Em Expanded Edition
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Our Price: € 21,95

Publisher: Thinkers' Press, 2009
Edition: Paperback medium
ISBN: 978-888710-39-X
Pages: 312
Language: English


For decades, the chess world has run down the reputation of the Colle-Zukertort (a.k.a. the Rubinstein Attack) as an unassuming opening, claiming it did not exact the full measure of pain from Black in the quest to equalize.

If such is the case, why do strong players (as Black) avoid the Zukertort? Instead, they opt to play any of several pet defenses rather than deal with the constriction and onslaught from the main line.


In Zuke 'Em: The Colle-Zukertort Revolutionized, Rudel explains the basics of the Zukertort and then provides plenty of new ideas to address these various pet defenses that cowardly opponents may choose.

What is the Colle-Zukertort? It's a Colle with 5.b2-b3 i.o. 5.c2-c3

In this book you will also find:

· Introductory chapters for those who would not know the Zukertort from a Lemon Torte
· Analysis in real English from the perspective of someone who has played the opening exclusively for over a decade
· A barrage of never-before-published answers and extensive commentary on common lines
· A training section to help you retain and test your understanding of the opening
· This edition is expanded to include the Zukertort-Phoenix Attack

Zuke'Em, The Colle-Zukertort Revolutionized, Expanded Edition is one of three Finalists for the ChessCafe.com 2009 Book of the Year Award!

GM Aaron Summerscale:
"Very impressed by the sheer amount of brainpower."

Mike Leahy, creator of Book-Up: "Very good!! Judging from what I've read already, I may have to switch repertoires."

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