New In Chess 2024/4

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as €11.99

How to Choose a Chess Move (New and Revised Edition)

A foolproof guide to choosing your best next chess move, every time

As low as €36.95

Chess Warrior (Hardcover)

The Life & Games of Géza Maróczy


Chess Strategy - Revealed

Your Tool Kit of Key Concepts and Pawn Structures


Games and Goals

The Fascinating Chess and Football Careers of Simen Agdestein

As low as €24.95


A Comprehensive Guide to Intermediate Moves

As low as €24.95

Making My Move

The Autobiography of a Chess Grandmaster and FIDE Executive

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1001 Chess Exercises for Club Players

Updated edition with 6 diagrams per page - Signed copies available!

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Chess Coach

The Profound and Lasting Influence of Mark Dvoretsky

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