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The Last Ruy Lopez

Tales from the Royal Game


Ding Liren's Best Games

A Chess Biography

As low as €17.21

First Grandmaster of the Soviet Union

A Chess Biography of Boris Verlinsky

As low as €39.95

Grind Like a Grandmaster

How to Keep Pressing until Your Opponent Cracks

As low as €14.96

The Art of The Endgame - Revised Edition

My Journeys in the Magical World of Endgame Studies

As low as €17.21

Botvinnik versus Smyslov and Petrosian

Four World Chess Championship Matches: 1954, 1957, 1958 and 1963

As low as €18.71

Sofia Polgar

Amazing Artist - Dangerous Tactician


Obsession (Hardcover)

A Chess Biography of Vsevolod Rauzer


Akiba Rubinstein

"One of the fathers of modern chess history"


Grandmaster of Avant-Garde (Hardcover)

The Chess Art of Galina Satonina


Black & White

The Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer


Max Euwe's Best Games

The Fifth World Chess Champion (1935-’37)

As low as €18.71

Max Euwe's Beste Partijen

Wereldkampioen schaken 1935-1937

As low as €18.71

The Essential Sosonko

Collected Portraits and Tales of a Bygone Chess Era

As low as €33.71

Spassky's Best Games

A Chess Biography

As low as €14.96

Re-Engineering the Chess Classics

A Silicon Reappraisal of Thirty-Five Classic Games

As low as €22.46

The Wizard of Warsaw

A Chess Biography of Szymon Winawer


From Vienna to Munich to Stockholm

A Chess Biography of Rudolf Spielmann


How I Became a Chess Grandmaster

The inspirational rise of a young player


Endgame Virtuoso Magnus Carlsen Volume 2

The World Champion Shows His Superior Skills

As low as €14.96

Mikhail Botvinnik

The Life and Games of a World Chess Champion


Chess Theory from Stamma to Steinitz, 1735-1894

The development of chess ideas in the 18ty and 19th century


Speed Demon

The Fascinating Games and Tragic Life of Alexey Vyzhmanavin

As low as €14.96

Kings, Queens and Rookies

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament - A Celebration of 85 Years

As low as €14.96

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Revised & Expanded Edition) - Hardcover

Improve your Chess with the great David Bronstein


Anthology of Miniature Endgame Studies

The biggest selection of composed endings with up to seven pieces on the board


MASTER CLASS VOL. 15: Viktor Korchnoi

FritzTrainer Master Class


Cambridge Springs 1904

Marshall’s Brilliant Victory


The Chess Diary of Young Rudolf Spielmann

The Growing Pains of a Chess Genius


The Ink War

Romanticism versus Modernity in Chess

As low as €18.71

Learn from Bent Larsen

A labour of love about one of the most celebrated chess players of the twentieth century


The Chess Battles of Hastings

Stories and Games of the Oldest Chess Tournament in the World

As low as €12.48

Life at Play

A Chess Memoir

As low as €13.50

Fischer - Spassky 1972

Now also available in paperback!

As low as €29.95