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Paul Keres - Volume 1-4

Hundreds of games, four thousand pages

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Making My Move

The Autobiography of a Chess Grandmaster and FIDE Executive

As low as €24.95

Games and Goals

The Fascinating Chess and Football Careers of Simen Agdestein

As low as €24.95

The Unknown Fischer

Bobby's chess games that have fallen under the radar


Chess Coach

The Profound and Lasting Influence of Mark Dvoretsky

As low as €24.95

Forgotten Talents

Chessplayers Lost in the Labyrinth of Life


Boris Spassky's Best Games 1

1948-1968: The Rising Star


Mindful Chess

The Spiritual Journey of a Professional Chess Player

As low as €10.95

In Black and White

The Chess Autobiography of a World Champion Candidate

As low as €29.95

The Last Ruy Lopez

Tales from the Royal Game


Ding Liren's Best Games

A Chess Biography

As low as €22.95

First Grandmaster of the Soviet Union

A Chess Biography of Boris Verlinsky

As low as €39.95

Grind Like a Grandmaster

How to Keep Pressing until Your Opponent Cracks

As low as €19.95

The Art of The Endgame - Revised Edition

My Journeys in the Magical World of Endgame Studies

As low as €22.95

Botvinnik versus Smyslov and Petrosian

Four World Chess Championship Matches: 1954, 1957, 1958 and 1963

As low as €24.95

Sofia Polgar

Amazing Artist - Dangerous Tactician


Obsession (Hardcover)

A Chess Biography of Vsevolod Rauzer

As low as €42.95

Akiba Rubinstein

"One of the fathers of modern chess history"


Grandmaster of Avant-Garde (Hardcover)

The Chess Art of Galina Satonina


Black & White

The Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer


Max Euwe's Best Games

The Fifth World Chess Champion (1935-’37)

As low as €24.95

Max Euwe's Beste Partijen

Wereldkampioen schaken 1935-1937

As low as €24.95

The Essential Sosonko

Collected Portraits and Tales of a Bygone Chess Era

As low as €44.95

Spassky's Best Games

A Chess Biography

As low as €19.95

Re-Engineering the Chess Classics

A Silicon Reappraisal of Thirty-Five Classic Games

As low as €29.95

The Wizard of Warsaw

A Chess Biography of Szymon Winawer


From Vienna to Munich to Stockholm

A Chess Biography of Rudolf Spielmann


How I Became a Chess Grandmaster

The inspirational rise of a young player


Endgame Virtuoso Magnus Carlsen Volume 2

The World Champion Shows His Superior Skills

As low as €19.95

Mikhail Botvinnik

The Life and Games of a World Chess Champion


Chess Theory from Stamma to Steinitz, 1735-1894

The development of chess ideas in the 18ty and 19th century


Speed Demon

The Fascinating Games and Tragic Life of Alexey Vyzhmanavin

As low as €19.95

Kings, Queens and Rookies

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament - A Celebration of 85 Years

As low as €19.95

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Revised & Expanded Edition) - Hardcover

Improve your Chess with the great David Bronstein