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The London Files

Defanging the London System


Opening Repertoire: Queen's Gambit Accepted

A complete repertoire for Black to counter 1 d4


The Queen's Gambit Accepted

A Modern Counterattack in an Ancient Opening


King's Indian Killer: The Harry Attack

Take the initiative from a very early stage


Opening Repertoire: Strategic Play with 1 d4

A complete repertoire for White


Opening Repertoire: The English Defence

A complete repertoire for Black to counter 1 d4


Playing for a win with ...b6

A full repertoire against 1.d4 and 1.c4


The Modern Nimzo-Indian

A book for the adventurer who wants to start playing the Nimzo but is afraid of drowning in its lines


Opening Repertoire: Queen's Gambit Declined: Tarrasch

A complete repertoire for Black to counter 1 d4


Keep it Simple for Black

A Solid and Straightforward Chess Opening Repertoire for Black

As low as €24.47

Play the Barry Attack

An ideal weapon for those who love to attack


Opening Repertoire: The Killer Dutch Rebooted

A swash-buckling opening that favors the brave and fearless chess player


Opening Repertoire: Richter-Veresov Attack

A complete repertoire for White to counter all replies


Opening Repertoire: the Slav

A complete repertoire for Black against 1 d4


Opening Repertoire: the Jobava System

For many years considered to be a quiet opening. No longer!


Trompowsky Attack & London System

New Ideas, Dynamic Strategies and Powerful Weapons

As low as €24.95

Grandmaster Repertoire - King's Indian 1

Tired of bad positions? Try the main lines!


The Basman-Williams Attack

An innovative approach to dealing with the King's Indian and Grünfeld Indian Defenses


Attacking 1...d5 (Volume 2)

Completing the work of building a full repertoire against set-ups with ...d5


Attacking 1...d5 (Volume 1)

A gambit treatment of the Slav and the Semi-Slav


Grandmaster Repertoire - Leningrad Dutch

Tired of bad positions? Try the main lines!


Grandmaster Repertoire - Dutch Sidelines

Tired of bad positions? Try the main lines!


Play the Budapest Gambit

An aggressive, dynamic approach for meeting 1.d4


Play 1...d6 Against Everything

A Compact and Ready-to-use Black Repertoire for Club Players

As low as €16.99

Winning with 1. d4!

A complete repertoire for d4 players against all plausible responses.


How Ulf Beats Black

Ulf Andersson's Bulletproof Strategic Repertoire for White

As low as €8.39

The Fabulous Budapest Gambit - New and Updated Edition

Much more Than Just a Sharp Surprise Weapon

As low as €13.98

The Hedgehog

Everything You Need to Know


The King's Indian Defence: Move by Move

Essential Guidance and Training in The King's Indian Defence


A Practical Black Repertoire with d5, c6. Volume 1

Volume 1: The Slav and Other Defences


The Fianchetto Solution

A Complete, Solid and Flexible Chess Opening Repertoire

As low as €6.89

Complete Guide to the Queen's Pawn Opening, 2

London, Romanishin, Torre, Colle, Zukertort


Basic Chess Openings for Kids

Play like a Winner from Move One

As low as €13.99

Taming Wild Chess Openings

How to Deal with the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As low as €13.48