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Puzzle Quest 2020

Selected and analysed by Ivan Ivanisevic


Soviet Chess 1917-1991

The History of Soviet Chess


The Livonian Knight

Selected Games of Alvis Vitolins


How to Study Chess on Your Own

Creating a Plan that Works… and Sticking to it!

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Greatest 440 Puzzles

The Best Online Tactics from 2020


Win with the Caro-Kann

A Choice of Counterattacking Options from a Sound Base


Magnus Carlsen’s Most Instructive Games

Unlocking the lessons from the World's Best Chess Player


The Fully-Fledged French

Fresh Strategies and Resources for Dynamic Chess Players


New In Chess 2021/3

The Club Player's Magazine


Fat Fritz 2.0 SE

Includes Fritz 17


U Cannot Be Serious

Avant-Garde Strategy in Chess


Update Opening Encyclopaedia 2021 from 2020

Including 7100 Opening Surveys & 1216 Special Theory Databases


Opening Encyclopaedia 2021

Including 7100 Opening Surveys & 1216 Special Theory Databases


Quick Course of Chess Openings

All the important openings presented objectively.


The Modernized Italian Game for White

A club player needs only to master the general ideas


Defensive Tools

A Tournament Player's Manual


Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 6

Janowski / Orthodox / Cambridge Springs / Various Slav / Tartakower


Chess Magazine April 2021

Anish Giri: Joker or Choker



The subtle art of winning brilliantly


Das Grosse Lehrbuch des Positionsspiels

Umfassende Einblicke in die neue Russische Schachschule – Dynamik und typische Strukturen in Eröffnung und Mittelspiel


Tactical Training

Improve your sharpness!


Street Smart Chess

Playing well is a good start in chess, but you also need to be Street Smart.


Playing the Caro-Kann

A Counter-Attacking Repertoire


1.d4! The Chess Bible

Mastering Queen's Pawn Structures


1.e4! The Chess Bible - Volume 1

A Complete Repertoire for White


Chess Improvement

It’s All In The Mindset


New In Chess 2021/2

The Club Player's Magazine