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New In Chess 2021/5

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as €13.99

Master Class Vol. 14: Vasily Smyslov

Smyslovs Games, Tables, Background


The London System in 12 Practical Lessons

Strategic Concepts, Typical Plans and Tactical Themes


The Creative Power of Bogoljubov Volume II

Attack, Defense, Planning and More



Every tournament win has a unique narrative and challenge


Chess Informant 148

Following the Sun

As low as €29.99

Secrets of Positional Sacrifice

The second book from the Nestorovic family chess workshop.


ChessBase Magazine 202

The Magazine for Professional Chess


Genna Remembers

Genna Sosonko's Memoirs of the Golden Age of Chess


Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 7

Benoni/Old Indian/Modern/Polish/Various


Yearbook 139

Chess Opening News

As low as €29.95

Attacking 1...d5

A gambit treatment of the Slav and the Semi-Slav


Attacking the Strongpoint

The Philosophy of Chess

As low as €24.95

Understanding Queen Endgames

The Daunting Domain of Queen Endgames Explained


New In Chess 2021/4

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as €13.99

I was a Victim of Bobby Fischer

The first ever English translation of this remarkable book, giving the inside story on the 1971 match.


Grandmaster Repertoire - Dutch Sidelines

Tired of bad positions? Try the main lines!


Grandmaster Repertoire - Leningrad Dutch

Tired of bad positions? Try the main lines!


The Secret Ingredient

to Winning at Chess


Eight Good Men

The 2020-2021 Candidates Tournament


The Queen's Gambit - Accepted!

A gateway book with stories and anecdotes mixed with chess learning


The Scandinavian for Club Players

Start Playing an Unsidesteppable & Low Maintenance Response to 1.e4


The Unstoppable American

Bobby Fischer’s Road to Reykjavik

As low as €22.95

Chess Board Options

A Memoir of Players, Games and Engines


The Exchange French Comes to Life

Fresh Strategies to Play for a Win


Edgard Colle

Caissa's Wounded Warrior


Play the Budapest Gambit

An aggressive, dynamic approach for meeting 1.d4


Bishop versus Knight

The Eternal Battle - Volume 1



The subtle art of winning brilliantly


Komodo Dragon 2

Neural Network Chess Evaluation