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New in Chess 2022/5

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as €4.99

Opening Repertoire: the Black Lion

Take away White’s initiative from a very early stage


The Youngest Chess Grandmaster in the World

The Chess Adventures of Abhimanyu Mishra Aged 12 years, 4 months, and 25 days

As low as €19.95

Tricks, Traps, and Tips in the Chess Opening

Practical Lessons for Ambitious Improvers

As low as €19.95

A Matter of Endgame Technique

Grandmaster Knowledge


Tactic Workbook

Informant’s Collection of Instructive Tactics and Studies

As low as €34.95

The Match of All Time

The Inside Story of the legendary 1972 Fischer-Spassky World Chess Championship in Reykjavik

As low as €22.95

Opening Repertoire: the Slav

A complete repertoire for Black against 1 d4


How to Out-Prepare Your Opponent

A Complete Guide to Successful Chess Opening Preparation


The Taimanov-Scheveningen Hybrid

A full repertoire based on the Taimanov move order with 4. ... Nc6!


ChessBase Magazine 208

The Magazine for Professional Chess


King's Kalashnikov Sicilian

A Dynamic Black Repertoire for Club Players


New in Chess 2022/4

The Club Player's Magazine


Opening Repertoire: the Jobava System

For many years considered to be a quiet opening. No longer!


The Rossolimo for Club Players

New Ideas and Strategic Plans in a Powerful Anti-Sicilian

As low as €24.95

Trompowsky Attack & London System

New Ideas, Dynamic Strategies and Powerful Weapons


Mihail Marin: The French Defence - Structures, Tactics and plans Vol. 2

Pawn Chains, The French Isolani and The French Bishop


Endgame Strategy

The Revised and Expanded Edition of a Chess Classic

As low as €29.95

Smyslov, Bronstein, Geller, Taimanov and Averbakh

A Chess Multibiography with 220 Games


The Unstoppable American

Bobby Fischer’s Road to Reykjavik

As low as €22.95

Silman's Chess Odyssey

Cracked Grandmaster Tales, Legendary Players, and Instruction and Musings


From Ukraine with Love for Chess

With contributions by Vasyl Ivanchuk, Ruslan Ponomariov, Mariya and Anna Muzychuk and many, many others

As low as €15.00

Master Your Chess with Judit Polgar

Inspirational Lessons from the All-Time Best Female Chess Player

As low as €29.95

Opening Repertoire: The Sicilian Taimanov

Nigel Davies guides you through the Taimanov


Improve Your Chess Calculation

The Ramesh Chess Course - Volume 1

As low as €24.95

Cognitive Chess

Improving Your Visualization and Calculation Skills


The Lubyanka Gambit

A classic work investigating the darkest side of chess history


Hero of the Pre-War Olympiads: Grandmaster Vladimirs Petrovs

The story of one of the most enigmatic and tragic figures in chess history