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Chessboard Combat

The Give and Take of Chess Tactics


Mikhail Botvinnik

The Life and Games of a World Chess Champion


Chess Theory from Stamma to Steinitz, 1735-1894

The development of chess ideas in the 18ty and 19th century


Endgame Virtuoso Magnus Carlsen Volume 2

The World Champion Shows His Superior Skills


New in Chess 2023/2

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as €11.99

Pressure Play

The fundamental concepts to torture your opponents mercilessly


DGT2500 Official FIDE Chess Clock

The best just got better


The Modern Gurgenidze

A Counterpunching Repertoire for Black


Playing the Sveshnikov

An Active Repertoire


Grandmaster Training Camp 1 - Calculation!

Available in hardcover and paperback!

As low as €27.95

The Chess Pub Quiz Puzzle Book

Who is MC Hammer and other Chess Trivia


Improve Your Chess Calculation Book of the Year 2022 - Now available in hardcover!

As low as €24.95

Zlotnik's Treasure Trove

Enjoyable Chess Training for Amateurs (1600-2200 Elo)

As low as €22.95

Irrational Chess

It’s chess, Jim, but not as we know it.


New in Chess 2023/1

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as €11.99

Beating the Hedgehog System

Using a Space Advantage in the Chess Opening

As low as €19.95

100 Endgames You Must Know - Hardcover

Vital Lessons for Every Chess Player


Speed Demon

The Fascinating Games and Tragic Life of Alexey Vyzhmanavin

As low as €19.95

Kings, Queens and Rookies

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament - A Celebration of 85 Years

As low as €19.95

The Pawn Study Composer's Manual

New edition updated and edited by Sergei Tkachenko


Opening Repertoire: Queen's Gambit Declined: Tarrasch

A complete repertoire for Black to counter 1 d4


The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Revised & Expanded Edition) - Hardcover

Improve your Chess with the great David Bronstein


Rock Solid Chess

Tiviakov's Unbeatable Strategies: Pawn Structures

As low as €22.95
As low as €34.95

Anthology of Miniature Endgame Studies

The biggest selection of composed endings with up to seven pieces on the board


New in Chess 2022/8

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as €11.99

Keep it Simple for Black

A Solid and Straightforward Chess Opening Repertoire for Black

As low as €29.95

The How to Study Chess on Your Own Workbook

Volume 1: Exercises and Training for Club Players (1800 - 2100)

As low as €19.95

MASTER CLASS VOL. 15: Viktor Korchnoi

FritzTrainer Master Class


The Hidden Laws of Chess

Mastering Pawn Structures

As low as €19.95

The Polish Defense

Systems for Black Based on ...b5


Cambridge Springs 1904

Marshall’s Brilliant Victory


Sherlock Holmes and the Mysteries of the Chess World

A Strange Enigma Is the Chess World


The Chess Diary of Young Rudolf Spielmann

The Growing Pains of a Chess Genius


Play the Barry Attack

An ideal weapon for those who love to attack