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Fat Fritz 2.0 SE

Includes Fritz 17


U Cannot Be Serious

Avant-Garde Strategy in Chess


Quick Course of Chess Openings

All the important openings presented objectively.


The Modernized Italian Game for White

To utilize the Giuoco Pianissimo successfully, a club player needs only to master the general ideas of this setup, without overloading their brain with hundreds of variations.


Defensive Tools

A Tournament Player's Manual


Grivas Opening Laboratory - Volume 6

Janowski Defence, Orthodox Defence, Cambridge Springs Defence, Various Slav Systems, Tartakower Defence


Chess Magazine April 2021

Anish Giri: Joker or Choker


Das Grosse Lehrbuch des Positionsspiels

Umfassende Einblicke in die neue Russische Schachschule – Dynamik und typische Strukturen in Eröffnung und Mittelspiel


Tactical Training

Improve your sharpness!


Street Smart Chess

Playing well is a good start in chess, but you also need to be Street Smart.


Playing the Caro-Kann

A Counter-Attacking Repertoire


1.d4! The Chess Bible

Mastering Queen's Pawn Structures


1.e4! The Chess Bible - Volume 1

A Complete Repertoire for White


Chess Improvement

It’s All In The Mindset


New In Chess 2021/2

The Club Player's Magazine


1500 Forced Mates

1500 Positions rife with tactical resources.


The French Defence: Move by Move

First the idea and then the move!


Chess for Educators

How to Organize and Promote a Meaningful Chess Teaching Program


ChessBase Magazine 200

The Magazine for Professional Chess


My chess stories

Vlastimil Hort talks about his personal experiences and encounters in the chess world.


The Modernized Ruy Lopez – Volume 2

A Complete Repertoire for White


The Modernized Ruy Lopez – Volume 1

A Complete Repertoire for White


Your Jungle Guide to Chess Tactics

Sharpen your Tactical Skills!


The Modernized Modern Benoni

Alexey Kovalchuk shows you the ins and outs of the Modern Benoni.


The Lasker Method to Improve in Chess

A Manual for Modern-Day Club Players


The Chess Saga of Fridrik Ólafsson

In 114 Games from 1946-2016