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Tactical Training in the Endgame

A guide through the complexities of endgame tactical play


2020 Endgame Maze

Practice your planning and decision-making skills in the final phase of the game!


Understanding Queen Endgames

The Daunting Domain of Queen Endgames Explained


Magical Endgames

Claus Dieter Meyer and Karsten Müller show you the magic of the Endgame.


Arkell's Endings

Keith Arkell guides you through some of his finest games – and grinds.


Small Steps 2 Success (paperback)

Mastering Passed Pawn Play


101 Endgame Crimes and Punishments

Endgame crimes for strong tournament players.


Liquidation on the Chess Board - New and Extended Edition

Mastering the Transition into the Pawn Ending

As low as €19.57

Endgame Virtuoso Magnus Carlsen

His Extraordinary Skills Uncovered and Explained

As low as €16.99

Your Jungle Guide to Rook Endings

Rook activity is the cornerstone in the evaluation and play of rook endgames.


Monster Your Endgame Planning Vol. 2

Volume 2 of a unique concept of teaching endgame strategies.


Monster Your Endgame Planning Vol. 1

A unique concept of teaching endgame strategies.


Practical Chess Endings

An updated edition of Paul Keres’ classic endgame instructor.


The 100 Endgames You Must Know Workbook

Practical Endgames Exercises for Every Chess Player

As low as €17.99

Understanding Minor Piece Endgames

A Manual for Club Players

Special Price €20.97 Regular Price €29.95

Practical Chess Beauty

One of the world's greatest chess study composers shares his finest creations.


Let Me Ask You, Do You Know...?

A Practical Endgame Guide


Sharp Endgames

Improve Your Results on the Chess Board


Grandmaster Preparation - Endgame Play (Paperback)

Solve your Endgame problems with Endgame Play!


Bishop Endings

An Innovative Course


Reinfeld on the Endgame

21st Century Edition


100 Endspiele, die Sie Kennen Müssen

Unerlässliche Lektionen für Jeden Schachspieler