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My System & Chess Praxis

His Landmark Classics in One Edition

As low as €19.99

Timman’s Titans

My World Chess Champions

As low as €19.99

Chess for Hawks

Improve your Vision, Sharpen your Talons, Forget your Fear

As low as €17.99


The Love Story of Mikhail Tal and Sally Landau


Game Changer

AlphaZero's Groundbreaking Chess Strategies and the Promise of AI

As low as €17.99

Emanuel Lasker Volume 1: Struggle and Victories

World Chess Champion for 27 Years


Practical Chess Beauty

One of the world's greatest chess study composers shares his finest creations.


Dynamic Decision Making in Chess paperback

A Look into the Mind of a Top Grandmaster


Timman's Titans

My World Chess Champions


Dynamic Chess Strategy

Low-priced Edition of a Modern Classic


Positional Decision Making in Chess, hardcover

A Look into the Mind of a Top Grandmaster


Learn From the Legends 3rd Edition

10th Anniversary Hardback Edition


Erst ziehen, dann denken

Sinn und Unsinn im Schachtraining


Mikhail Botvinnik

The Life and Games of a World Chess Champion


Move First, Think Later

Sense and Nonsense in Improving Your Chess

As low as €16.99

Schach mit neuem Schwung

Besser spielen durch das Verstehen von Ungleichgewichten


Attacking Manual 1, 2nd Edition Hardcover

Revised and Expanded Edition


Attacking Manual 2, Hardcover

Explaining the Rules of Attack


Invisible Chess Moves

Discover Your Blind Spots and Stop Overlooking Simple Wins

As low as €14.99

Attacking Manual 2

Explaining the Rules of Attack