These books are must-haves, recommended by experts and by the New In Chess shop, including prize-winners and bestsellers. The list is not complete. We will add titles and we are trying to re-stock classics if they are still available. Any tips? Please email us at:

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Revised & Expanded Edition) - Hardcover

Improve your Chess with the great David Bronstein


Curacao 1962 - now available in hardcover!

The Battle of Minds that Shook the Chess World

As low as €18.99

Smyslov, Bronstein, Geller, Taimanov and Averbakh

A Chess Multibiography with 220 Games


The Unstoppable American

Bobby Fischer’s Road to Reykjavik

As low as €22.95


Every tournament win has a unique narrative and challenge


Soviet Chess 1917-1991

The History of Soviet Chess


Tal, Petrosian, Spassky and Korchnoi

A Chess Multibiography with 207 Games


Timman's Triumphs

My 100 Best Games

As low as €24.95

Mastering Positional Sacrifices

A Practical Guide to a Vital Skill in Chess

As low as €19.99

The Best I Saw in Chess

Games, Stories and Instruction from an Alabama Prodigy Who Became U.S. Champion

As low as €24.95

On the Origin of Good Moves

A Skeptic's Guide to Getting Better at Chess

As low as €24.99

Timman's Titans

My World Chess Champions

As low as €19.99

The Anand Files

The World Championship Story 2008-2012

As low as €35.99

The Longest Game

The Five Kasparov — Karpov Matches for the World Chess Championship

As low as €21.99


Half a Century with Viktor Korchnoi


Gyula Breyer

The Chess Revolutionary


Chess for Life

Understanding how chess skills develop and change with time


World Chess Championship 1948

First English Edition


Dynamic Chess Strategy

Low-priced Edition of a Modern Classic

As low as €9.99

The Art of Sacrifice in Chess

Revised and Expanded by GM Karsten Müller


Python Strategy

A Favourite of Many Grandmasters


The Hypermodern Game of Chess

Tartakower's Legendary Magnum Opus


The Big Book of World Chess Championships

46 Title Fights – from Steinitz to Carlsen

As low as €22.95

Finding Bobby Fischer

Chess Interviews

As low as €18.99

Mikhail Chigorin, the Creative Genius

New, Greatly Enlarged Edition


Bent Larsen´s Best Games

Fighting Chess with the Great Dane

As low as €9.99

A Game of Queens

Judit Polgar Teaches Chess 3


Move First, Think Later

Sense and Nonsense in Improving Your Chess

As low as €16.99

From GM to Top Ten

Judit Polgar Teaches Chess 2


Invisible Chess Moves

Discover Your Blind Spots and Stop Overlooking Simple Wins

As low as €14.99