New In Chess Podcast

New In Chess Podcast

New In Chess is expanding its online presence with a podcast. Presented by our editor-at-large Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, the New In Chess Podcast will feature conversations with the world's leading chess players, authors, and personalities.
The New In Chess Podcast is sponsered by DGT.

About us

After decades at the helm of our publication business, our editor-at-large Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam will now move into the podcasting space as our lead host. A prominent behind-the- scenes figure in the chess world, Dirk Jan’s longtime connections to the world’s chess elite will guarantee a steady stream of high-profile guests. His experience as an interviewer and personal familiarity with the world’s best players will help Dirk Jan keep the conversation interesting and engaging for the listener.

Our publishing director Remmelt Otten will conduct interviews with our authors. A strong expert player in his own right, his playing strength and familiarity with the material will enable Remmelt to ask the right questions and give the listener a deep insight into our published materials, as well as the authors behind them.

Our lead behind-the-scenes producer, Alex Polak will also conduct a share of the interviews. His guests will include chess personalities that do not fall readily into the categories of “player” and “author”, like coaches, promoters, and influencers.

Give us your input!

A podcast is only as good as the enjoyment it brings to its audience. We are keen to hear your thoughts on our guests, our conversations, and our production. To help us continue to improve our product, feel free to contact our producer directly.


We think that the New In Chess Podcast will be a meaningful addition to the online chess space, and therefore a worthy investment for a chess-oriented business. But Rome wasn't built in a day. We would greatly appreciate your help in keeping us afloat as we make our inroads in the podcasting space. Your paid support will enable us to bring you the highest quality chess content, attract top guests, and continue delivering insightful, engaging, and entertaining conversations.

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