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The Magnus Method

The Singular Skills of the World’s Strongest Chess Player Uncovered and Explained


New In Chess 2021/6

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as €13.99

Nail It Like Nepo!

Ian Nepomniachtchi’s 30 Best Wins


ChessBase Magazine 203

The Magazine for Professional Chess


Everyone's First Chess Workbook

Fundamental Tactics and Checkmates for Improvers – 738 Practical Exercises


Caruana's Ruy Lopez

A White Repertoire for Club Players


Fifty Shades of Ray

Chess in the year of the Coronavirus Pandemic


New In Chess 2021/5

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as €13.99

Master Class Vol. 14: Vasily Smyslov

Smyslovs Games, Tables, Background


The London System in 12 Practical Lessons

Strategic Concepts, Typical Plans and Tactical Themes


The Creative Power of Bogoljubov Volume II

Attack, Defense, Planning and More



Every tournament win has a unique narrative and challenge


Chess Informant 148

Following the Sun

As low as €29.99

ChessBase Magazine 202

The Magazine for Professional Chess


Genna Remembers

Genna Sosonko's Memoirs of the Golden Age of Chess


Grivas Opening Laboratory 1-3

Save 10% on Three Volumes Combined!


New In Chess 2021/4

The Club Player's Magazine

As low as €13.99

I was a Victim of Bobby Fischer

The first ever English translation of this remarkable book, giving the inside story on the 1971 match.


Eight Good Men

The 2020-2021 Candidates Tournament


The Queen's Gambit - Accepted!

A gateway book with stories and anecdotes mixed with chess learning


The Scandinavian for Club Players

Start Playing an Unsidesteppable & Low Maintenance Response to 1.e4


The Unstoppable American

Bobby Fischer’s Road to Reykjavik

As low as €22.95

Chess Board Options

A Memoir of Players, Games and Engines


Edgard Colle

Caissa's Wounded Warrior


Soviet Chess 1917-1991

The History of Soviet Chess


Chess Magazine May 2021

Forwards and Backwards in Time


The Livonian Knight

Selected Games of Alvis Vitolins


How to Study Chess on Your Own

Creating a Plan that Works… and Sticking to it!

As low as €19.95

ChessBase Magazine 201

The Magazine for Professional Chess


Magnus Carlsen’s Most Instructive Games

Unlocking the lessons from the World's Best Chess Player


The Fully-Fledged French

Fresh Strategies and Resources for Dynamic Chess Players

As low as €24.99