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From Ukraine with Love for Chess

With contributions by Vasyl Ivanchuk, Ruslan Ponomariov, Mariya and Anna Muzychuk and many, many others

As low as €15.00

Master Your Chess with Judit Polgar

Inspirational Lessons from the All-Time Best Female Chess Player


Improve Your Chess Calculation

The Ramesh Chess Course - Volume 1


The Chess Alchemist

80 of Tal’s most interesting games, as annotated by the Magician himself


Analyzing the Chess Mind

An exploration of psychology in chess


The Road to Reykjavik

Now in paperback! Bobby Fischer's Incredible Journey to the World Championship


300 Most Important Chess Exercises

Study five a week to be a better chessplayer


Chess Endgame Magic & Tactics: The Smyslov Workbook

Based on the practical endgames and compositions of the seventh World Champion


Emanuel Lasker Volume 3: Labors and Legacy

Chess, Philosophy and Psychology


New in Chess 2022/3

The Club Player's Magazine


ChessBase Magazine 207

The Magazine for Professional Chess


Chess Bootcamp: Beyond the Basics

A cultivation of the core skill set required to advance beyond the basics in chess


Chess Informant 151

Eternally Puzzled

As low as €34.99

Fabiano Caruana: 60 Memorable Games

Caruana’s remarkable rise from chess prodigy to one of the best chess player in the world


Think Like a Super-GM

Combining the chess insights of an elite GM with a scientific investigation into thinking at the chess board


Countering The Queen's Gambit

A Compact (but Complete) Black Repertoire for Club Players against 1.d4

As low as €19.95

New in Chess 2022/2

The Club Player's Magazine


Chess Queens

The True Story of a Chess Champion and the Greatest Female Players of All Time


The AI Revolution in Chess

The extraordinary impact that AI has had on modern chess


ChessBase Magazine 206

The Magazine for Professional Chess


Petrosian Year by Year: Volume II (1963-1984)

The second volume on the life and games of Tigran Petrosian.


Carlsen vs. Nepomniachtchi

World Chess Championship 2021


World Chess Championship 2021

Ian Nepomniachtchi - Magnus Carlsen


The Greatest Attacker in Chess

The Enigmatic Rashid Nezhmetdinov

As low as €24.99

New In Chess 2022/1

The Club Player's Magazine


Cognitive Chess

Improving Your Visualization and Calculation Skills


Chess Informant 150

Midwinter Dream

As low as €29.99

Encyclopaedia of Chess Miniatures - Volume II

A Rich Collection of Short Games