Chess Magazine February 2019: Speed Demon

Hikaru Nakamura wins the London Chess Classic and 2018 Grand Chess Tour in final blitz game following draw epidemic.
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In this Issue:

  • 60 Seconds with…Chris Skulte – The captain of Celtic Tigers in the 4NCL certainly likes his chess

  • Wars and Draws – A new format was trialled at the London Chess Classic

  • Is Hastings Dying? – So pondered Danny Gormally after sharing first place there

  • How Good is Your Chess? – Daniel King was very impressed by the AlphaZero vs Stockfish match

  • Modern Chess: Part Two – Milos Pavlovic discusses the impact engines are having

  • Find the Winning Moves – Can you do as well as the players at the Classic and Hastings?

  • Never Mind the Grandmasters… – Carl Portman is fed up with the amount of clutter around the board

  • The Life and Death of Grandmaster Blimp – Tim Wall reflects on a recent book on the Carlsen-Caruana match

  • Dangerous Moments – Amatzia Avni on the theme embarras de richesses

  • Christmas Quiz – All the answers to last month’s tricky questions and puzzles

  • Studies with Stephenson – Brian presents an award-winning study by Oleg Pervakov

  • A Fishy Tale – An novel attempt to create a rival to AlphaZero, by J. Corfield

  • Hampstead Congress Comes of Age – Adam Raoof has been delighted by junior success at his events

  • Overseas News – Daniil Dubov & Magnus Carlsen are the World Rapid & Blitz Champions

  • Three-Way Go – It’s no surprise which teams are on 4/4 in the 4NCL

  • Home News – The latest results and a tribute to popular FM Steve Berry

  • Sean Marsh reviews Carsten Hensel’s work on Vladimir Kramnik

  • Saunders on Chess – John remains dedicated to furthering his chess education

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Publication date : February 7, 2019
Number of pages : 60
Publisher : Chess & Bridge London
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