ChessBase Magazine 173: The Magazine for Professional Chess

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1. The Italian is back “in”: Peter Heine Nielsen explains his protégé Magnus Carlsen’s winning strategy in Carlsen - Anand.

2. Mate in 7! The new European champion Ernesto Inarkiev annotates his “most beautiful game” on the way to the title: Inarkiev - Svetushkin

3. „Play like Viktor the Terrible”! Find, along with GM Williams, brilliant moves by the recently deceased chess legend (video): Move by Move

4. Mamedyarov’s first strike: enjoy one of the most exciting games from the Gashimov Memorial with the analyses of our author Valeri Bronznik.

5. That’s what technique is all about! Claus-Dieter Meyer shows how Giri could have drawn the tournament deciding rook ending against Mamedyarov.

6. Positional piece sacrifices: strategy expert Mihail Marin demonstrates copybook blows and amazing replies: Strategy (including an introduction Video)

7. Vis-à-vis in the h-file: solve Oliver Reeh’s Ffavourite combination in interactive format with video feedback.

8. 0-0 on move 36! Anand’s second of many years standing, Ganguly, shows how he drew the teeth from Shirov’s Sveshnikov Variation and triumphed brilliantly in the endgame.

9. A surprise weapon in the Najdorf: let Andrew Martin explain to you the strategic and tactical potential of the variations after 6.Qe2. (Najdorf video 6.Qe2)!

Top tournaments:
• Paris+Leuven
• Gashimov Memorial
• European Championship

Openings training:
• 13 new opening ideas: From the English Opening to the Sicilian

Video reports:
• Alexei Shirov: Catalan
• Andrew Martin: Najdorf 6.Qe2

World class players annotate:
• Ernesto Inarkiev
• Peter Heine Nielsen

Practical training:
• Simon Williams: Move by Move
• Rainer Knaak: Opening Trap
• Mihail Marin: Strategy
• Oliver Reeh: Tactics
• Karsten Müller: Endgames


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