ChessBase Magazine 177: The Magazine for Professional Chess

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1. Finally winning Wijk! Wesley So presents his game against Wojtaszek and explains why victory in the classic tournament in the Netherlands was so important to him.
2. An “oddball” idea: Levon Aronian explains how with 8.Na3 in the Catalan he achieved a brilliant win against Giri.
3. French aggression: attack together with Simon Williams "Move by Move“ – just like Ju Wenjun did in her victory over Hou Yifan!
4. Spanish temptation: let Rainer Knaak show you how to entice your opponent into the 7.Ng5 trap with 6...d7-d6.
5. “Raving Rooks”: along with Oliver Reeh light some tactical fireworks with double threats and multi-purpose moves (interactive video).
6. For and against the Bogo-Indian: GM Postny sums up the trends of recent years and shows you what is at present recommended.
7. „Portuguese Scandinavian“: let Petra Papp show you how best to meet the gambit 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Nf6 3.d4 Bg4.
8. A "mad way to win“: Anish Giri explains how he got Andreikin into trouble with the Scotch and what brilliant engine move he missed at the end.
9. Fantastically shattered: enjoy Rapport's brilliancy against So in Daniel King’s video analysis.
10. Surprise in the Queen’s Indian: let top Swiss player Yannick Pelletier unravel Aronian's 9.Be1 (video).

· Wijk aan Zee
· Tradewise Gibraltar
· Sharjah FIDE Grand Prix

· 12 new opening ideas
· In Focus: Bogo-Indian

· Daniel King: Italian Game

· Wesley So
· Levon Aronian
· Anish Giri
· David Navara

· Simon Williams: Move by Move
· Rainer Knaak: Opening Trap
· Mihail Marin: Strategy
· Oliver Reeh: Tactics
· Karsten Müller: Endgames

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