New In Chess magazine: frequently asked questions

  1. Is there a difference between the print and the digital magazine? Yes and no. There is no difference in the content. The digital edition has all the stories of the print magazine. But the digital edition has a very nice bonus: you can replay all the games on a built-in interactive gameviewer. You won’t need you chessboard anymore to enjoy all the annotations by top grandmasters as Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, Wesley So and Anish Giri.
  2. On what devices can I read the digital edition of New In chess magazine? You can read New In Chess digital magazine in an app. We have apps available for mobile devices with iOS or Android. Those are: iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Android phones. We also have an app for desktop or notebook computers with Windows 10 or Windows 8. You can find the app in the app store on your device, respectively iTunes, Google Play Store or the Windows App Store. Unfortunately, the app is NOT available for Kindle, Kindle Fire or Apple notebooks and desktops.
  3. How much is the app? The New In Chess magazine app is for free. The magazine issues are available as downloads in the library of the app. And we have a complete free issue (2013#8) that you can download to find out how it works.
  4. How do I subscribe to the digital edition? You can subscribe at our website. When you subscribe, you will get a username and a password to sign in within the app. When you are signed in, the issues of your subscription will be free downloads. Users of an iPad or iPhone also have the option to subscribe via iTunes on their device. You will get exactly the same product.
  5. Can I buy single issues? You can buy single issues as ‘in-app-purchases’ on your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and Android phone – but not for Windows. Your purchases will be charged to your iTunes or Google Play account.
  6. Can you e-mail me the digital edition? No. The magazine is only available as an app. We like the functionality of the app and the interactive gameviewer. A PDF would make us vulnerable to piracy.

My subscription to New In Chess magazine

  1. I am a print subscriber. How do I access the digital edition? We have three subscription offers: print, digital or print + digital. If you have chosen print, you won’t get access to the digital edition. If you would like to add the digital edition to your print subscription, please send us an email at:
  2. Why isn’t digital included in the price of the print magazine? Our aim is to charge a fair price for all our products. We have invested heavily in the digital edition – and we have to spend extra production time to publish this digital edition. Therefore the price for print + digital is higher than for either print or digital. Some magazines have only one (all inclusive) subscription offer, other magazines (such as The Economist) have the same business model as we have. 
  3. How do I sign in in the app? Once you have your username and password, you will have to find the sign-in menu at your device. With an iPhone or iPad you will find the menus at the top of your screen: for the iPhone at the right. for an iPad at the left side. There are hundreds of different Android devices for sale. For most tablets and phones you will find the sign-in menu by trying all available buttons and menus. Your best chance is the top right corner of the screen or the middle of the bottom of your screen. The Windows app has a menu at the top right of your screen.
  4. I am a subscriber and I have signed in, but the issues still have a price tag. How can I solve this? You can try to sign out and sign in again. That will usually solve the problem. If it still doesn’t work, please remove the app and re-download the app from the app store. And sign in. Or email us for help:
  5. I have lost my password / How can I change my password? In the sign-in menu, you can use the link: ‘Forgot password’. We will send you an email that allows you to create a new password.
  6. When does my subscription end? At our website / online shop, you can check the status of your subscription. When you sign in, you can access your account and your subscription information. You can also change your postal address or e-mail.
  7. Do I have two New In Chess accounts? Yes, you might have two New In Chess accounts: one for the website and online shop. And one for your digital subscriptions. For both accounts, your e-mail address is your username. You can choose to have the same password, or a different password, for the website and for your digital subscriptions. If you want to reset the password, follow the link ‘Forgot password’.
  8. Can I change the username of my account? Yes, you can: please do send us an e-mail with your request as will have to reset your account manually.