New In Chess recently published a new book that in a very original way discusses an important skill in chess. Check out how David and Magnus promote the book.

David Howell: ‘The original idea behind Grind Like a Grandmaster was first sparked in 2021 when Magnus joked about my love of ‘old man chess’. At the Grand Swiss that year, I played a 142-move game against GM Arturs Neiksans. 8 hours of grim defending, three scoresheets, and almost a missed dinner, all for the sake of half a point. Yet I felt on top of the world.’

Full disclosure: this book is converted from the Chessable video course by Magnus Carlsen and David Howell. In the video, they talk chess and explain the endgame grind better than anyone else can. And yes, the video was based on the Chessable course that was created by David, but that course does include multiple games by David and Magnus – both extremely accomplished grinders!