Today’s podcast features an interview with Croatian GM Davorin Kuljasevic. In addition to his accomplishments as a player, Davorin has achieved notable success as a chess trainer, having developed the talents of several grandmasters in his 16-year coaching career. He has also authored several bestselling books, including "Beyond Material" and "How to Study Chess on Your Own".

Together with Remmelt Otten, Davorin discusses his latest book, "Ding Liren's Best Games: A Chess Biography of the World Champion". He also goes into detail about his career as a player and coach, and talks about his future projects. 

0:00 Intro
2:37 What sparked Davorin’s interest in Ding Liren?
3:58 Was Davorin surprised by Ding’s lack of activity after winning the world title?
6:20 How Davorin started following 16-year old Ding in 2008
8:20 Ad break
8:56 What makes Ding special?
11:00 Ding’s active king play, famous king walks
13:14 Can fearless play be taught?
15:00 Ding’s immortal game
16:28 What did Davorin learn from Ding’s own annotations?
18:41 Why Davorin doesn’t play tournaments anymore
19:24 If a player is looking for a coach, where can they find Davorin?
19:55 Davorin’s work for Chessable and other platforms
20:40 Davorin’s future projects

Enjoy listening!