Dutch IM and well know chess trainer Merijn van Delft interviews Raf Mesotten. Raf has created The Checkmate Patterns Manual on Chessable which has been published as a book by New In Chess.

In 2020, Belgian chess player Raf Mesotten launched the Chessable course The Checkmate Patterns Manual, which got third place for Course of the Year 2020. This very successful course is now also available in print.

In this 12-minute interview with IM Merijn van Delft, Mesotten shares the reasons for making this manual, and why it is such a big hit. You will get some insights into what skills you need to be a successful author. And of course, Raf will show some examples from the book.

The interview was hosted on Chessable (https://www.chessable.com), and the video was produced by Michaël van Liempt.