Free access to issue 2020#2

Many chess tournaments have been canceled as a result of the coronavirus. Quite a few of you will have to stay at home for the next days or weeks.

We hope we can help you to have a look at the bright side of life by giving you free access to the digital edition of issue 2020#2 of New In Chess magazine.

New In Chess apps

New In Chess has published three apps to bring our publications to your phone, tablet or notebook. There is an app for New In Chess magazine, one for New In Chess Yearbook and one for the books published by New In Chess.

The New In Chess magazine app is available for devices with iOS software (Apple iPad and iPhone) and devices with Android (all mobile devices like tablets and phones with Android). You can also use a browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Explorer, etcetera) to get access to the digital edition. Via a browser, you can read the magazine on a PC or laptop. The apps are available in the app stores, respectively the App Store and Google Play Store. You will need iOS 11 or higher, or Android 5 or higher, to be able to use the app.

Important: if you buy a magazine, a subscription or a book via our website, you will get a username and password and be able to read the magazine or book on all devices. If you buy a magazine, subscription or book with your iTunes account or your Google Play account, you will only be able to read the magazine or book on devices with either iOS (Apple) or Android (Google Play) - and you can't switch to another type of device. 

To get access via our system, you will need a magazine or Yearbook subscription to the digital edition and you will have a username and a password to sign in. The username is your email address. The password for the apps is the same as for your webshop account. For books, you will also be able to sign in with this username / password to get access.

How to use the apps

1. buy the subscription in our webshop - or buy the digital edition of the book via our webshop

2. download the app on your device or use the browser edition for PC / notebook

3. open the menu and sign in with your username and password

4. open the magazine / Yearbook or book

5. to replay a game, click on the gameviewer button

6. in the apps: to analyze a position, click on the 'analyze this' button next to the chessboard

7. the first time you use 'analyze this', you will need to install the 'analyze this' app - it has a Stockfish engine that will connect to the New In Chess apps

Where to find these apps

You can search in the app stores or click on these links:

New In Chess Magazine app

iTunes App Store

Google Play Store

Read the magazine via your browser

New In Chess Yearbook app

iTunes App Store

Google Play Store

Read the Yearbook via your browser

New In Chess Books app

iTunes App Store

Google Play Store

Read the books via your browser