The Modern Reti

The Modern Reti

An Anti-Slav Repertoire
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About / The Modern Reti

This book presents a repertoire against 1...d5, based on the Reti: 1.Nf3 d5 2.c4 when Delchev considers both 2...c6 and 2...e6. It offers mostly original analysis and examines plans and variations that have never been covered so far.

The book follows Chess Stars trademark structure with 3 chapters in every part. Read the "Main Ideas" sample of "Part 8" in the pdf above. There you'll also find the Intro, Contents and Index of Variations.

From the author's foreword:

Club players have probably noticed that their opponents as a rule are well prepared against the central openings 1.e4/1.d4. If you are disappointed with your results, or just tired of endlessly studying the latest analyses in the most explored variations, you’ll find here a viable repertoire versus 1...d5 (..)

It was meant for a top-level professional and this repertoire is designed to serve for many years. It is based on complex positions without early pawn clashes in the centre. This shifts the focus towards middlegame plans and reduces the impact of homebrewed novelties.

At the same time, it is no less ambitious than the Sicilian, or the Grünfeld, which were the subject of my previous books. Most of the material is fresh and is not covered anywhere else.

Alexander Delchev
February 2012

Alexander Delchev is European Grand Prix winner in 2004. He has played for Bulgaria in 6 Olympiads. His best rating so far was 2669. Delchev is the author of the bestsellers The Safest Scilian and The Safest Grunfeld.

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