Our recent publication might look like a book by a Dutch author about a Dutch chess player published in the Netherlands. But don't be fooled. This book is anything but provincial.

Our best-selling author Jan Timman, a former #2 in the world ranking, has put his heart and soul into this Best Games collection of Max Euwe, the World Champion of 1935-1937.

What makes the book so unique is that Timman knew Euwe personally. Euwe handed Timman his first prize when he won the Dutch Junior Championship. Euwe took Timman under his wing and introduced him to legends such as Keres and Smyslov (see picture). And Timman and Euwe played for the same team in the Dutch national league. 

Euwe introduced Timman to Keres and Smyslov

Timman wanted to pay tribute to Max Euwe, the 5th World Champion, the widely respected FIDE President, and the prolific chess author. What was missing was an outstanding collection of the greatest games of this 'efficient, man-eating tiger' as the American chess master William Ewart Napier once called Euwe.

Max Euwe's Best Games fills this gap. This book offers eighty of Euwe's games annotated with great clarity, starting in his early twenties when he worked his way to the world top, up until his late seventies when he was still a dangerous opponent. It is incredible how high Euwe's level of play was for over fifty years – and how attractive his attacking style was.

Timman made many discoveries in Euwe's best and most famous games but has also unearthed several lesser-known brilliancies. This game collection of an often underrated World Champion, analyzed by top grandmaster Jan Timman, is a must-have for anyone interested in World Championship chess.

The book is available in hardcover, paperback, digital format, and... in Dutch!