This week’s episode of the New In Chess podcast features an interview with Dutch grandmaster Anish Giri, one of the strongest and most popular chess players in the world.

A prodigy, Anish achieved the grandmaster title at the age of 14 and steadily grew into one the world’s leading players, eventually joining the select group of grandmasters to have breached the 2800-barrier. Among his finest victories is last year’s Tata Steel tournament in Wijk aan Zee.
Anish is also one of the most many-sided players around. His online presence has brought him hundreds of thousands of followers, he has produced highly successful Chessable courses and he is, of course, a contributing editor to New In Chess magazine.

Interviewed by Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, Anish looks ahead to the Candidates tournament that will kick off on April 3rd in Toronto. Providing great insights, he assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the eight Candidates and speaks openly about his expectations and personal favourites. Anish’s expert analysis is a must-hear treat for everyone who is looking forward to one of the greatest chess events of 2024.

00:00 – Intro
01:40 – Anish’s upcoming tournament schedule
02:44 – The unprofessional way FIDE tournaments are scheduled
08:16 – How Anish feels about the events that led to him missing the Candidates tournament
16:00 – Anish will make predictions for each Candidate
16:28 – Abasov
20:37 – Why Anish likes the dynamic of having one weaker player in a strong tournament
22:51 – Vidit
28:08 – Gukesh
29:51 – AD BREAK
30:30 – Pragg
35:47 – Nepo
37:53 – Will Russian and Indian Candidates feel pressure from their governments to perform well?
40:55 – Alireza
46:30 – Hikaru
53:17 – Fabiano
57:18 – Who would have the best chances against Ding?
1.01:11 – Anish’s personal favourite to win the tournament
1.02:10 – Having grown closer to Fabiano
1.04:10 – How closely will Anish follow the event?
1.05:43 – Anish stresses that his predictions may vary according to his mood
1.06:47 – Outro