This week’s New In Chess podcast episode features an interview with grandmaster Peter Heine Nielsen.

A five-time Danish champion, Peter Heine Nielsen is primarily known for his highly successful coaching career. From 2007 until 2023, he was the coach of the reigning World Champion. First, he worked for Vishy Anand, and then for Magnus Carlsen. In that capacity, he was a winning coach in a World Championship match a record eight times.

Interviewed by Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, Peter Heine Nielsen looks back on the Candidates tournament in Toronto that ended earlier this week. The sensational winner was 17-year-old Gukesh from India who will now challenge World Champion Ding Liren in a match for the world title. That match is scheduled to take place in November. The exact dates and place have not yet been announced.

Nielsen shares his views of the amazing Gukesh and also speaks extensively about the three favourites – Caruana, Nakamura and Nepomniachtchi – that were pipped at the post by the youngster in one of the most exciting last rounds ever.

Don’t miss this engaging interview full of expert insights and keen observations with a natural storyteller.

00:00 - Intro
01:33 - How did Peter follow the Candidates, now that Magnus is not involved in the cycle?
05:53 - Peter's expectations before the event vs reality
07:36 - The dramatic final round
11:58 - Peter's criticism of the 8-player, 14-round format
18:18 - Peter unfavourably compares Magnus's experience winning World Championship matches with winning big tournaments, like Tata Steel
19:41 - How special winning the World Cup was for Magnus
21:34 - Gukesh's impressive performance and mindset
30:09 - How Peter has seen chess become more of a sport, the evolving role of opening preparation
33:30 - Is the "middlegame-focused"-approach
34:58 - AD BREAK
35:41 - Fabiano's devastating result, his playing strength and status as the unofficial #2 in the world
41:39 - Nepo's performance
44:33 - Hikaru's impressive performance, media career
51:09 - Gukesh's strength and potential, chances against Ding
55:37 - Ding's state of mind following World Championship win, lackluster performances
1:00:07 - Peter tells the world not to count out Ding
1:01:16 - Magnus's reaction to Gukesh's win
1:03:07 - Alireza
1:06:48 - Future games between Gukesh and Magnus
1:11:20 - Outro