Today's episode of the New In Chess Podcast features in an interview with Grandmaster Nigel Short. Nigel Short is one of the greatest British chess players of all time and was became the first British player ever to challenge for a world championship title in 1993. He is also an avid traveller who has played many tournaments abroad, especially in India.

Together with Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam, Nigel talks about his appreciation for Indian chess, Vishy Anand, and India's current status as a chess superpower. 

00:00-02:10 Intro
02:11-03:40 Nigel's participation in the Bangalore Open
03:41-07:11 Nigel's appreciation for Indian Chess culture
07:12-10:28 Nigel's first experiences as a chess player in India
10:29-13:36 Indian chess tournaments with too many rounds
13:37-16:59 His dealings with Ummar Koya
17:00-22:01 The history of chess in India and the British Commonwealth
22:02-26:04 His British Championship victories
26:05-28:04 Vishy as the patriarch of Indian chess
28:05-29:24 Vishy playing fast as a young player
29:25-32:19 Vishy’s psychological growth, early games against Kasparov
32:20-33:20 Vasily Ivanchuk
33:21-34:03 Nigel considers Anand to be among the all-time greats
34:04-34:44 Ad Break
34:45-36:42 Nigel’s current relationship with Vishy, working with him at FIDE
36:43-38:24 Pentala Harikrishna
38:25-40:21 Nigel not following chess much anymore
40:22-41:57 Admiration for Vidit, Gukesh, Pragg
41:58-43:43 The influence of the engine on the game
43:44-46:25 Indian coaches’ focus on spiritual development in addition to chess development, Nigel’s other interests
46:26-47:39 Nigel’s meeting with the Pakistani president, opening chess schools in Pakistan
47:40-51:46 Sultan Khan’s posthumous grandmaster title, lack of a procedure for posthumous titles
51:47-58:08 The future of chess in Pakistan
58:09-1:00:32 Great tournaments in India
1:00:33- Outro