Our bestselling book Improve Your Chess Calculation by coach Ramesh is now available as a video and a MoveTrainer course on our sister-website Chessable.

Practically every player above beginner level can understand what makes a tactic or combination work - on paper, at least. But coming up with these tactics and combinations is a practiced skill. It takes accurate visualization and pattern recognition. It takes finding appropriate candidate moves and possible responses from your opponent in all variations. It takes speed and confidence to execute these decisions without getting into time trouble.

Every single time, game after game. 

And the perfect course to instill such a mindset and calculation process in you is Improve Your Chess Calculation by GM Ramesh R.B. 

Improve Your Chess Calculation on Chessable

GM Ramesh is one of the most highly-respected chess trainers today and has helped players such as Praggnanandhaa, Daniel Naroditsky, and Adhiban Baskaran reach the top.

Please have a look at this wonderful course on Chessable or browse the sample pages on our webshop.