The first New In Chess Masterclass is now available as a free video on YouTube. Grandmaster Matthew Sadler, my favorite chess commentator, shows four games from the new book The Most Exciting Chess Games ever. The first video is 45 minutes, the other three are around 30 minutes each.

The book is a collection of games nominated by chess greats and chess experts, such as Anand, Shirov, and Ivanchuk, and authors and commentators such as Jeremy Silman, Jennifer Shahade, and Tania Sachdev in the column Just Checking in New In Chess magazine. If these experts nominate a game as ‘the most exciting’ they have ever seen, we are in for a treat. This collection is not about chess improvement, but about enjoyment.

Part 1 features the game Emanuel Berg versus Evgeny Bareev, played in 2005 in Gothenburg. It is a brilliant sacrificial attack. Please have a look at Part 1. The other parts will be published in the next few days.